Tuesday, May 09, 2006

**News** 5/09/06 Deftones, Slayer, Daath

New Deftones Single

The Deftones posted a studio version of their new single "Beware The Water" on their official Myspace page yesterday and then removed it from the page shortly after. However, a clip of it can be found online over at www.deftonesworld.com. The song is expected to serve as the new single from the bands forthcoming as-yet untitled new album which will see a September 12th release date through Maverick.

New Slayer Album
Slayer are now looking at a July 25th release date through American Recordings for their as-yet untitled new album. The effort will be preceded by a new EP which will feature the bands new track "Cult", along with some live versions of older tracks. The aforementioned EP will only be available at "Hot Topic" stores.

Daath Recording Album
Daath have re-entered the studio to continue work on new material for their upcoming Roadrunner debut, "The Hinderers". The group are working on five new songs for the effort with James Murphy of Death, etc. fame serving as the producer. A fall release for the outing is expected.

Source: theprp.com

Upcoming Shows - Ziggy's Chattanooga

5.12.06 *Noxious* / 7 day Sun / Liquid Violence /Reasoning with Caine/ the worst
5.13.06 Coathanger Abortion /Hoth / Lust Of Decay / Leftover Zombies /
5.19.06 Swingshot / Die As One / Hellmouth / Halfway Gone / Anos Mia
5.20.06 Gretchen / Solvi / Downstream / 11 Reasons /Merry Go drown/7 Under Suicide
5.23.06 we're all gonna die/ and more tba
5.26.06 eXesion / Skullkin / Reasoning With Caine / Organ /A Sin A Minute
5.27.06 Hornes Of Moses / Old Man Dying / Sunday Morning Ritual / Reasoning With Caine/ Izopn
6.02.06 Soiree / Lunacy Driven / Illicit Rite / Den of Inequity /Reasoning With Caine .
6.03.06 Rufus And Ransum /WITHERED /Bloodwake/ Vertigo Sun/ Moscow Theatre Siege/ Life In The Sky
6.06.06 ShadowBuilder / Corpsewood / tba / tba
6.09.06 FromRuin / Bodies / Palace of the Fallen /
6.10.06 Methadone Abortion Clinic / Aseraphymn / Shadows Of Light / Butcherpriest
6.12.06 / Moscow Theatre Siege / Conifer / Burnin Doobage
6.16.06 Hearts Catch Fire / / Crash Cadillac / tba
6.17.06 Meat Rocket/ Head Check /Merry Go Drown / 11 Reasons/ Coke Dick Motorcycle Awesome/ Mindsplitter
6.19.06 Tower of Rome / Krieg Kids / / Leftover Zombies/DANCE CLUB MASSACRE / Hewhocorrupts, Inc.
6.23.06 * Daath * ( Road Runner Records) / Collossick / Organ / / Bloodwake / Package /
6.24.06 Swingshot / Callous / IZOPN / Seven System
7.01.06 Slow The Knife / Autumn Morning / Facelock / tba / tba
7.02.06 Straight Line Stitch / Know Lyfe / Senior Citizen / Reasoning With Caine
7.07.06 Ateface and special guest / tba
7.08.06 Billy Jacks Offroad Garage / Southern Whiskey Rebellion / Polecat Boogie Revival
7.14.06 The Armadillo Yard Buicuts /Lathe /-tba tba
7.15.06 Moral Decay /Illicit Rite / Platonic Disease / Ateface / Enternal Malice
7.21.06 Code Atom ( of Atlanta )- tba - tba - tba
7.22.06 Moscow Theatre Siege,Hoth, Coffin Dancer (Florida), Consular (Florida), The Kid (Florida)
7.23.06 Lividity / Coathanger Abortion / Illicit Rite /tba
7.28.06 Christine / Chokeslam / tba / tba
7.29.06 8 BANDS Annihilation Of The Population Tour
8.03.06 SASQUATCH and the SICK-A-BILLYS / tba /tba
8.05.06 PsykNyne / Vysion / Fallen Within / / TBA
8.12.06 Illicit Rite / Tortured Sun / Letters From Earth /Judasgoat
9.16.06 Bloody Crackdown / Whores For War / tba
9.30.06 Site Of Suffering / Bloodwake / Construkt /
10.28.06 lust Of Decay / Converge From Within / Coathanger Abortion / Bloodwake
11.11.06 Illict Rite & Friends
12.31.07 EAD Music Presents / -------------------------------------

Sciatica To Play Whisky A Go Go In September

Yep, you read it right. On our fall tour in September we are playing the world famous Whisky A Go Go (home to such greats at Metallica, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and every other major band on the planet). We need to sell 50 tickets. So just send us a message and we'll tell you how to order your ticket.


Source: Sciatica MySpace Blog
Location: Huntsville, Alabama, United States
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