Friday, May 05, 2006

**News** 3 Month Promo Contest for Bands

You will be given a three month promo deal with Horns High. The cost of this deal to you is $25 per month. No more. no less. About $5 per month from each band member. For that $25 per month Horns High does the following...

Secure radio play on net and college radio stations.
Yes this is definitely a task that bands could do themselves, but it takes ALOT of time and takes away your ability to do what you SHOULD be doing as a band...making MUSIC!

Submit band demo to 5 labels for consideration, including HH
Something bands CAN'T do on their own. We will submit you to at least 5 labels during your 3 month deal. And we mean REAL labels. Ones you actually have to talk to. Not the thousands of bogus labels there are that rip bands off or do nothing for you. Also you will be submitted to Horns High's own label, set to launch as you all know June 6.

Create Professional Promo Pack for band
The SINGLE MOST RESPONSIBLE THING FOR THE DEATH OF A BAND. Your promo pack is your LIFELINE to a career. Without a good one you are not professional, you are just doing a band as a hobby. And a bad pack or a pack without the right things in it can be garbage before it is even read through....

Secure national AND international press for band
Of MAJOR importance, considering Metal is TEN TIMES as big in Europe and other countries as it is here...

Book band into at least ONE HH sponsored event for guaranteed MINIMUM $100 pay
Guess what? THIS just made you back your $25 per month fee for 3 months plus an ADDITIONAL $25. So in essence..we have paid you $25 to let us work for you.

Offer Merch deals for SIGNIFICANTLY reduced prices
HIGH QUALITY T Shirts, Buttons, Mousepads..LOL..Whatever you need!!! As an example... 2 SIDED black logo T shirts for as low as $6 per shirt with NO SETUP OR SCREEN CHARGES!!

Inclusion in the Horns High Newsletter to be published once per month. Will include all dates for band's shows, and any applicable news about the band.
This will be a VERY big newsletter...sent out to not only your fans, but thousands of other prospective industry contacts!

Source: Metal Daddy Radio MySpace Page

**Local News** Forced Attrition Have New Songs Up & Looking For Members

Forced Attrition have new music up on their myspace acount at:

Also, they have changed their name from Under a Dead Sky to Forced Attrition and look forward to getting the remaining members to complete the band and begin doing shows by July. Again, they are still looking for an experienced metal guitarist/songwriter, bassist, and drummer in the Murfreesboro, TN area. Visit our myspace page and send an message if interested in any of the positions.We are in a rush and hope to fill these positions soon.
Location: Huntsville, Alabama, United States
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