Thursday, April 13, 2006

Bands - Get Your Music Played on Darktech Radio

We at Darktech Radio take music SERIOUSLY. Nothing beats listening to an awesome setlist of music that moves you, enlightens you, and leaves you feeling good and refreshed. We also believe that there is music beyond Billboard's TOP TEN. Darktech Radio operates on NO AGENDA except to stream to your ears music that has been filtered, and examined for quality assurance. Lets face it, awful music is just..... well... awful.

Over 200 seperate artists and bands are represented through a playlist that is well over 900 songs and climbing. We bring to you signed bands, established bands, niche bands, independent bands, garage bands, and jam bands from all over the world. Darktech Radio calls Atlanta, GA it's home, but music thrives in every corner of the Earth - believe that!

We encourage bands to contact us if they'd like to be featured on Darktech Radio. There is no fees or charges for having your band added.

Source: Darktech Radio's About Page
Location: Huntsville, Alabama, United States
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