Thursday, March 16, 2006

**News** 3/16/06 Book Teaches You How to Scream?

Being a metal vocalist is easy, right? Just grab a microphone and start screaming. You might be okay for a song, but try doing it for 90 minutes each show, day after day. Just like any other style of singing, to do it right requires proper training. And Melissa Cross is the perfect person to do that training.
Cross is a renowned vocal coach who has worked with a lot of metal singers. This DVD is her step by step training program on how to do it. It's not just a dry, educational DVD, either. It's interesting and sometimes funny. It's also filled with a lot of vocalists Cross has trained, including Andrew W.K. and vocalists from Every Time I Die, God Forbid, Madball, Shadows Fall and a lot more.
This DVD of course is directed at those who are or want to be metal vocalists. But it's also an interesting look at what goes into being a vocalist even for those who aren't in a band.


Band of the Month - Vintage Stone

Vintage Stone - Thoughts of a Dreamer - Shadow Over Clouds

Our first band of the month is Alabama's Vintage Stone. These guys play a melodic brand of hard rock and they are super talented. They were nice enough to answer a few questions I had for, here it is.

Interview 3/24/2006

Iron Boot: Names? Age?
Vintage Stone: Blake (vocals) 19, Scott (guitar) 21, Tyler (bass) 18, Cody (drums) 20

IB: How long have you guys known each other? Been together?
VS: We've known each other since high school and the four of us have been going a year.

IB: Musical influences?
VS: Blake: Maynard, Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain, Scott: Tom Morello, Mark Tremonti, Darren Malakian, Tyler: Les Claypool, Flea, Ryknow, John Paul Jones, Cody: Dave Grohl, Danny Carey

IB: What do you guys do besides play music? Jobs? For Fun?
VS: Pretty much all we do besides play music is either go to school or work. Not much else.

IB: How would you describe the music scene around here?
VS: Emo + Southern Rock = Awful.

IB: Any recommendations to make the scene bigger, better?
VS: Quit with the cover bands. They stagnate the market for original bands.

IB: How would you describe your music?
VS: A work in progress.

IB: Biggest achievement so far?
VS: Finally learning that whether or not we think it's us or another band, the most talented bands don't always win a Battle of the Bands or anything else. And we had some songs released in England.

IB: What would you like to achieve next in your music career?
VS: Get people to like our music.

IB: What does it take to get your music on itunes? How many of the new eps have you sold?
VS: iTunes is connected with CDBaby. We've sold around 300 in the six months we've had it released.

IB: Whats the biggest crowd you guys have played for? Where was it?
VS: Northeast Alabama Community College. There were about 700 people there that night.

IB: What can the fans do for you guys right now?
VS: If you enjoy our music, support it.

Location: Huntsville, Alabama, United States
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