Tuesday, May 16, 2006

**Local News** Sciatica, Apsis

New Sciatica Music on Their MySpace Site

We now have the new version of "Come With Me" from the upcoming album Down The Beaten Path, on Dreamscape Records up here. Check it out, listen to it, rate it, comment on it, and tell us what you think.

Source: Sciatica MySpace Blog

Apsis Recording

Apsis will be going into the Studio This Weekend (MAY 20th, 2006) to Record a few NEW SONGS and to Re-Record a couple of our Favorites that we Feel Needed Some Better Production.*(We have heard from So Many, that the Recordings we currently have do Not "Represent Us Well"....which is something we have felt for some time, so....)*
We will be working with DAVE PITTMAN at Soundworks Media in Decatur.
We Hope to have these Newly Recorded Songs Ready, Re-packaged and ready for our Summer shows and posted online Very Soon.Thanks again to all those of you that Read these "Updates" and to All of you who have offered support and feedback the past several months...and as always we Welcome Any and All Criticism...so drop us a Line, leave us a Comment, and please come and check us out live.

Source: Apsis' MySpace Blog

Monday, May 15, 2006

Iron Boot "Free CD" Contest!!

We are giving away three free cds (Tool - 10,000 Days(2), Evergrey - Monday Morning Apocalypse(1)), 1 cd each week, to a randomly drawn person...all you have to do is sign up for our newsletter. Just email me with your name and email address and I will put you on the mailing list. You can also go to the bottom of THIS page and sign up. The drawing will be held on the following Friday's (5/19/06, 5/26/06, & 6/2/06)...


Sunday, May 14, 2006

**News** 5/14/06 Opeth, Trivium

Opeth Drummer Gone

Opeth have now officially parted ways with drummer Martin Lopez and have replaced him with Martin Axenrot. A statement on the matter can be found at www.opeth.com. Meanwhile, the bands latest offering "Ghost Reveries" will be reissued as a special edition deluxe version through Roadrunner on July 25th. No word yet on bonus features.

New Trivium Songs
Trivium have announced a number of tentative track titles from their new album "The Crusade" which they have been working on as of late, they include:
"Contempt Breeds Contamination"
"And Sadness Will Sear"
"To The Rats"
"Contemporary Plague"

Source: theprp.com

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

**News** 5/09/06 Deftones, Slayer, Daath

New Deftones Single

The Deftones posted a studio version of their new single "Beware The Water" on their official Myspace page yesterday and then removed it from the page shortly after. However, a clip of it can be found online over at www.deftonesworld.com. The song is expected to serve as the new single from the bands forthcoming as-yet untitled new album which will see a September 12th release date through Maverick.

New Slayer Album
Slayer are now looking at a July 25th release date through American Recordings for their as-yet untitled new album. The effort will be preceded by a new EP which will feature the bands new track "Cult", along with some live versions of older tracks. The aforementioned EP will only be available at "Hot Topic" stores.

Daath Recording Album
Daath have re-entered the studio to continue work on new material for their upcoming Roadrunner debut, "The Hinderers". The group are working on five new songs for the effort with James Murphy of Death, etc. fame serving as the producer. A fall release for the outing is expected.

Source: theprp.com

Upcoming Shows - Ziggy's Chattanooga

5.12.06 *Noxious* / 7 day Sun / Liquid Violence /Reasoning with Caine/ the worst
5.13.06 Coathanger Abortion /Hoth / Lust Of Decay / Leftover Zombies /
5.19.06 Swingshot / Die As One / Hellmouth / Halfway Gone / Anos Mia
5.20.06 Gretchen / Solvi / Downstream / 11 Reasons /Merry Go drown/7 Under Suicide
5.23.06 we're all gonna die/ and more tba
5.26.06 eXesion / Skullkin / Reasoning With Caine / Organ /A Sin A Minute
5.27.06 Hornes Of Moses / Old Man Dying / Sunday Morning Ritual / Reasoning With Caine/ Izopn
6.02.06 Soiree / Lunacy Driven / Illicit Rite / Den of Inequity /Reasoning With Caine .
6.03.06 Rufus And Ransum /WITHERED /Bloodwake/ Vertigo Sun/ Moscow Theatre Siege/ Life In The Sky
6.06.06 ShadowBuilder / Corpsewood / tba / tba
6.09.06 FromRuin / Bodies / Palace of the Fallen /
6.10.06 Methadone Abortion Clinic / Aseraphymn / Shadows Of Light / Butcherpriest
6.12.06 / Moscow Theatre Siege / Conifer / Burnin Doobage
6.16.06 Hearts Catch Fire / / Crash Cadillac / tba
6.17.06 Meat Rocket/ Head Check /Merry Go Drown / 11 Reasons/ Coke Dick Motorcycle Awesome/ Mindsplitter
6.19.06 Tower of Rome / Krieg Kids / / Leftover Zombies/DANCE CLUB MASSACRE / Hewhocorrupts, Inc.
6.23.06 * Daath * ( Road Runner Records) / Collossick / Organ / / Bloodwake / Package /
6.24.06 Swingshot / Callous / IZOPN / Seven System
7.01.06 Slow The Knife / Autumn Morning / Facelock / tba / tba
7.02.06 Straight Line Stitch / Know Lyfe / Senior Citizen / Reasoning With Caine
7.07.06 Ateface and special guest / tba
7.08.06 Billy Jacks Offroad Garage / Southern Whiskey Rebellion / Polecat Boogie Revival
7.14.06 The Armadillo Yard Buicuts /Lathe /-tba tba
7.15.06 Moral Decay /Illicit Rite / Platonic Disease / Ateface / Enternal Malice
7.21.06 Code Atom ( of Atlanta )- tba - tba - tba
7.22.06 Moscow Theatre Siege,Hoth, Coffin Dancer (Florida), Consular (Florida), The Kid (Florida)
7.23.06 Lividity / Coathanger Abortion / Illicit Rite /tba
7.28.06 Christine / Chokeslam / tba / tba
7.29.06 8 BANDS Annihilation Of The Population Tour
8.03.06 SASQUATCH and the SICK-A-BILLYS / tba /tba
8.05.06 PsykNyne / Vysion / Fallen Within / / TBA
8.12.06 Illicit Rite / Tortured Sun / Letters From Earth /Judasgoat
9.16.06 Bloody Crackdown / Whores For War / tba
9.30.06 Site Of Suffering / Bloodwake / Construkt /
10.28.06 lust Of Decay / Converge From Within / Coathanger Abortion / Bloodwake
11.11.06 Illict Rite & Friends
12.31.07 EAD Music Presents / -------------------------------------

Sciatica To Play Whisky A Go Go In September

Yep, you read it right. On our fall tour in September we are playing the world famous Whisky A Go Go (home to such greats at Metallica, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin and every other major band on the planet). We need to sell 50 tickets. So just send us a message and we'll tell you how to order your ticket.


Source: Sciatica MySpace Blog

Monday, May 08, 2006


Email from Casper of Sub-Urban...
Just letting everyone know that we have new music up on our site and are also in the process of looking for someone with a good knowledge of turntables and techno. We are also currently seeking a bassist and drummer. If interested send email to: Sub-Urban or check us out on myspace at: Sub-Urban

Friday, May 05, 2006

**News** 3 Month Promo Contest for Bands

You will be given a three month promo deal with Horns High. The cost of this deal to you is $25 per month. No more. no less. About $5 per month from each band member. For that $25 per month Horns High does the following...

Secure radio play on net and college radio stations.
Yes this is definitely a task that bands could do themselves, but it takes ALOT of time and takes away your ability to do what you SHOULD be doing as a band...making MUSIC!

Submit band demo to 5 labels for consideration, including HH
Something bands CAN'T do on their own. We will submit you to at least 5 labels during your 3 month deal. And we mean REAL labels. Ones you actually have to talk to. Not the thousands of bogus labels there are that rip bands off or do nothing for you. Also you will be submitted to Horns High's own label, set to launch as you all know June 6.

Create Professional Promo Pack for band
The SINGLE MOST RESPONSIBLE THING FOR THE DEATH OF A BAND. Your promo pack is your LIFELINE to a career. Without a good one you are not professional, you are just doing a band as a hobby. And a bad pack or a pack without the right things in it can be garbage before it is even read through....

Secure national AND international press for band
Of MAJOR importance, considering Metal is TEN TIMES as big in Europe and other countries as it is here...

Book band into at least ONE HH sponsored event for guaranteed MINIMUM $100 pay
Guess what? THIS just made you back your $25 per month fee for 3 months plus an ADDITIONAL $25. So in essence..we have paid you $25 to let us work for you.

Offer Merch deals for SIGNIFICANTLY reduced prices
HIGH QUALITY T Shirts, Buttons, Mousepads..LOL..Whatever you need!!! As an example... 2 SIDED black logo T shirts for as low as $6 per shirt with NO SETUP OR SCREEN CHARGES!!

Inclusion in the Horns High Newsletter to be published once per month. Will include all dates for band's shows, and any applicable news about the band.
This will be a VERY big newsletter...sent out to not only your fans, but thousands of other prospective industry contacts!


Source: Metal Daddy Radio MySpace Page

**Local News** Forced Attrition Have New Songs Up & Looking For Members

Forced Attrition have new music up on their myspace acount at: http://www.myspace.com/adeadsky

Also, they have changed their name from Under a Dead Sky to Forced Attrition and look forward to getting the remaining members to complete the band and begin doing shows by July. Again, they are still looking for an experienced metal guitarist/songwriter, bassist, and drummer in the Murfreesboro, TN area. Visit our myspace page and send an message if interested in any of the positions.We are in a rush and hope to fill these positions soon.

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

** Band of the Month ** Sciatica - Interview and Write-Up from Label

From Dreamscape Records Site

The story of Sciatica goes far beyond mere words. It is a concept and an existential force that knows no boundaries. In the spring of 2004 (sometime around March) Mike and Christine had a dream and a vision to start a band to surpass mere trends and limitations that the so-called "scene" is full of. The idea was to create music that was accessible to all types of music fans from the hardcore and punk kids to the death metal and groove metal enthusiasts, as well as the indie rocker and emo kid.

The name "Sciatica" represents extreme pain, and is also a chronically painful back condition that presses on the sciatic nerve (one of the largest nerves in your body). We represent what metal and punk and hardcore was back in the early days when the movement and the music started....NO HOLDS BARRED!

This bands pull no punches attitude and a party hard and rock even harder outlook on life. The glory days of heavy music when bands played till they couldn't move, crowds moved till they couldn't breathe, and metal meant playing loud obnoxious and evil music. What happened to metal bands that would kick your ass on stage, and then party after the show with their fans? The answer is Sciatica.

Breaking musical boundaries, putting forth one of the most painful and emotional live shows....this is Sciatica. Pure genuine aggression and feeling mixed with true musical prowess, this is a band you don't want to miss. We have one goal and it is simply this: TO PLAY EVERYWHERE ALL OF THE TIME, AND DEMOLISH EVERYTHING. Purging inner demons with influences ranging from hatebreed and slayer, clutch and zao, alice in chains, dillinger escape plan and even the cure, we pride ourselves in the fact that we give you your moneys worth (and more)...their aren't many unique and honest bands out today, but Sciatica is most definitely one of them.

Source: Dreamscape Records Site

Interview with Mike Hate - 5/3/06

Last night Sciatica invited me to come out to Soundworks Studio in Decatur to listen to their new un-mixed CD...and let me say, NOBODY has anything out like it right now. The mixture of styles...the throaty yells, the beautiful female voices, the riffs and solos, the massive bass, and the unbelievable drumming make this album one to watch. I hope this band gets the respect they are due because of this album...but, that is just one aspect of the band...if you havent caught them live, you are missing one hell of a ride. I asked Mike Hate a few questions that were of interest to me and hopefully our readers...

1. What CDs have you guys been listening to lately? What CDs were the biggest influence or your work?
Well we all listen to such varied music from day to day it's hard to say. I know Chris just got the new Tool album, J has been listening to Black Dahlia Murder, Hank III, Helmet, Christine has been listening to Selfmindead, Portishead, I've been listening to Dysrhythmia, Age of Ruin, Mastodon, Cephalic Carnage. I think the cd's that were the biggest influence on our work in the studio have to be Zao, Crowbar, Neurosis, Pantera, The Doors, Pink Floyd, just to name a few. Any albums by those bands.

2. Advantages of having a label vs. not having one? What did it take to get signed?
Well some advantages of being on a label would be more credibility, people take you a little more seriously as a professional band(i.e., venues, promoters, fans even). Having some kind of support and backing is nice as well. And it's definitely a stepping stone to bigger and better things.

3. What could we do to make the scene in North Alabama better?
If peope would just come out to shows more often, and people could get along better it would help tremendously. But that's a tall order.

4. How can your fans help you guys out if you need them?
Basically just by supporting us by coming to shows, buying our merch and our cd's, and spreading the word to everyone they know.

5. Where do you want to see you guys in 2 years?
We'd like to be on a major label, touring at least 9 months out of the year, and being able to pay our bills and eat by playing music every night.

6. What are some sacrifices you all had to make for the band?
Not eating much, spending money on merch or van rentals for touring as opposed to paying the bills or having food in the kitchen. Spending less time w/some family, quitting jobs, less sleep, among other things.

7. If you had to put your music in a genre...or you could make one up, what would it be?
We would like to think we're an experimental metal band that sounds like no other band out there. We are Hardcore Buddha Metal. The first and only.

8. Describe the recording process at Soundworks...did it go well? easier than you thought? Stressful? Band dis-agreements?
It always goes great at Soundworks. It was much easier in some areas, and in some areas it was a little more difficult. Stressful? not really. That's why we like recording at soundworks because it's not very stressful, it's very relaxing. No band disagreements really, the four of us get along famously.

9. What have you guys been doing to promote your music to the rest of the country since the scene here sucks dick? What about Europe?
Basically we get on myspace and our various websites every day for several hours a day and promote our music and our websites to as many people as possible, we are always adding our website links to other websites for more exposure, trying to get more internet radio play, interviewed for web zines, every day at least 50 new people across the world hear about our band(wether they like it is up to them..LOL). We do the same for overseas, that's the beauty of myspace. And we've been played on internet radio in France, so our fanbase online is definitely growing in europe day by day. So hopefully we'll be able to tour overseas one day not too far off.

10. Where would you say you guys had the best time playing a show? How many people were at your biggest show?
Probably the best show was in Owensboro,Ky(the wildcat saloon), Montgomery,Al(head on the door), Chattanooga,Tn(Ziggy's), Gainesville,Fl(The Purple Porpoise), and The Muse(Nashville,Tn). I know that's a few places, but those were probably the best 5 shows we've had. The biggest crowd we've played in front of would probably be Chicago,Il. Close to 300 people in attendance.

11. Any surprises for your fans...any ideas for the near future?
I think the new album will be a surprise enough for our fans. Really the future just holds a lot more work, putting out the new album, got a summer tour coming up, a fall tour of the west coast after that. Very busy, just keep looking out for us.

Thanks for the support and thanks for the interview Joe.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

**News** 5/02/06 A Dozen Furies - Bad News

There really is no point in drawing this out longer than it needs to be, so I'll try and be quick and to the point. After two amazing short years, A Dozen Furies has called it a day. We could go on and on about all of the reasons why, but when it comes down to it, it's because we've grown apart. I guess a lot of the 'wrong' things fell into place at the 'right' time. I'm sure some might think we were a flash in the pan and now that our 15 seconds is over, we are quitting. Well, most of us have been doing this for close to 10 years and it's just time for some of us to move on.

With that said, we would like to express our more sincere thanks to everyone who was with us at any point along the way. All of the fans we've made, friends we've met, bands we toured with, and industry people we've befriended amongst our travels, we'd like to say THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. All of you have helped us achieve in just 2 years something that most bands never get to experience in their entire careers. This will be something that none of us will ever forget, and we hope most of you who did run across our path won't forget as well.

Who knows what will happen with us after the split. Some of us will continue pursuing music, some will move on to other things, and keith works at a gay bar. We all have myspace pages linked from www.myspace.com/adozenfuries so you can keep up with us if you do so desire.

To end it off, we are holding a farewell show at The Ridglea Metal & Hardcore Fest on Saturday, May 6th at The Ridglea Theatre in Ft. Worth, Texas. There are 3,000 bands playing, only the best of the best of course, so this will be a show you shant miss. We will be selling our merch(shirts, CD's, old EP's *Rip the Stars Down*, Hoodies, everything) DIRT CHEAP... and I do mean DIRT CHEAP, so don't miss out 'cause this is your last chance. Well, our merch store still has stuff, including the Rip the Stars Down EP, so you can still place orders.

Thanks for the good times! I miss it all already.
Location: Huntsville, Alabama, United States
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