Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sciatica Poker Tournament

Sciatica Poker Tournament, Help us Out!

Help us out, this is a great opportunity for you and for us.

What do you get out of it. You get a free CD and a free T-Shirt from us.

You also have a chance at winning a private concert from us at your home or a local venue of your/our choice.

All it costs you is $1.00

So go to

This is where the event will be held.

Don't do it just yet, I'll have the specifics for you all within the next few hours. But please respond to this as quickly as possible to let us know if you'd be interested. You don't even have to be good at poker, you just have to join and enter it. And you get something out of it, and so do we. This could help raise money for our upcoming album recording as well as buying a van for our tour, and new merch.

Thank you so much!



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