Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Music Hates You - Band Bio - Check Them Out

Music Hates You is the angriest band in Athens, Georgia. In a town known for esoteric pop bands and quirky, sometimes precious, singer/songwriters, Music Hates You is the dissenting vote- the sound of disenchantment. We are not students. We are not artistes and what we do is not entertainment. A Music Hates You fan is not simply a consumer. We are not your monkey and you are not our meal ticket.

This is not art. It is something more elemental.

Music Hates You is a thunderous live band, a cacophonous tumult of sound and flying bodies. At our best shows, the line is so blurred between us and our audience that it is impossible to know where We begin and They end. Excellent. Perfect. Music Hates You is a community, yes, but also something more intentional. Our audience comes to us with their accumulated anger, grief, disappointment, and sadness and we bring them noise and boundless love. Everything we do is to protect this relationship. This is our Mission.

This is, therefore, not New Punk, nor is it Mall Punk or Nu Metal. Once, while searching for a name for what we do, we pondered the grime under our fingernails, our battered boots, the sorry state of our jeans, our empty pockets, and the stink of our lives. "Dirt metal," someone said. Dirt metal it is, then.

Our live show is our reputation, and we mean for this album to be an extension of that hurricane of sweat, blood, spit, whiskey and shattered equipment.

Our upcoming album, 'Send More Paramedics' is a document of the last year of our lives. It is an angry, desperate album for angry, desperate times. Recorded over the course of seven months, it is no longer music. 'Send More Paramedics' is the sound of jobs lost, electricity turned off (then on, then back off again), speaker cabinets burning, drumheads splitting, strings breaking, tendonitis, tinitus, fistfights, depression, drunkenness, debt, disappointment and lost opportunities. We are restless men and unmanageable. Just muscling the record across the finish line and into your hands is a kind of victory.

This is our revenge for the year 2005. MHY goes on and 2005 is dead.

R.I.P. 2005.

Send More Paramedics.

Music Hates You is

noah- guitar, vocals
zaxx- guitar
forest- bass
patrick- drums



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