Saturday, March 18, 2006

**News** 3/18/06 Down, Cradle of Filth

New DOWN Record Coming Out

DOWN fan site Down In Europe ( has issued an interview with drummer Jimmy Bower in which he discusses the band's plans for touring and the recording of Down III. The following is an excerpt from the interview:

Q: Is it gonna be a case of, tour round this side of the world, go home record and then tour? Or is it more likely gonna be a trip home and then U.S. tour before you write?

A: "We're gonna do this tour then come home and write DOWN III, and hopefully record in September."

Check out the complete interview at this location.

As previously reported, ( recently issued a video interview conducted with guitarist Kirk Windstein (Down, CROWBAR, VALUME NOB, KINGDOM OF SORROW) in which he discusses, among other topics, Down's upcoming European tour (May, into June) and the condition of bandmate Philip Anselmo (SUPERJOINT RITUAL, ex-PANTERA).

Says Kirk, "Philip's doing fantastic, Jimmy Bower's doing fantastic. Phil had his back surgery, he's healing three, four months ahead of time, working out again, everything, he's in great shape, his attitude is unbeliebable. It's like, you know, going back 10, 12 years or something, his attitude and stuff. He's doing really, really good and he's pumped and excited about it, so I'm fuckin' ready."


New Cradle of Filth Album to feature H.I.M.
CRADLE OF FILTH frontman Dani Filth has posted a lengthy studio update on the band's official web site. A couple of excerpts from his report follow:

"Six weeks into the second bout finds us near completion aside from four or five songs worth of vocals, which is due to an illness that has been developing in me for the past month or two. Such was the seriousness of the ailment (I couldn't sing, so no difference there then!), that a referral was made to Rob's [Caggiano, producer] homeopathic doctor back in the States which immediately proved the worst. I was, and still am, suffering from serious digestive allergies. Now I'm on the same insane amount of pills that Rob was and is still on, plus a yeast-free diet that eliminates all booze (noooo!!!!), sugar, vinegar and bread amongst other life-giving foodstuffs. What a fucking nightmare! Aside from untreated meat, the only thing I can actually eat for two months it seems is the packaging that other food comes in!

"Ville Valo of H.I.M. has contributed vocals to 'The Byronic Man' whilst (Dirty) Harry has completed 'Temptation'. Both contributions are exemplary and really bring something really new to the table. Sarah Jezebel Deva, in a brief spell away from completing her own ANGTORIA project, has also sung and narrated on several tracks and we have had visits from select members of the Lincoln Cathedral choir to add some ethereal gloss.

"Then there is still the main guest narration slot, which, at time of going to press, is still being addressed with the actor in question. Of course, I will endeavour to keep you informed on this, when and where it happens.

"A few tracks are in the mixing stages to further our studio output whilst i regain my health (with this amount of homeopathic remedies rattling around my system, hopefully it won't be too far away…) and these are sounding already far bigger than 'Nymphetamine'... this time choosing to stay with the production team rather than bringing in an independent mixer for the sake of continuity."



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