Thursday, March 30, 2006

**Local News** NoiseCult Speaks Out on New CDs

Starting Friday we get to go in and record some new songs..and since we made a lineup change right after the "End of Days" CD came out, we are re-recording that one as it'll be like having two new CDs.....tomorrow Producer Matt and I get to go over to the studio to do some other'll give us a chance to plan out everything for Friday night...then one more practie wednesday night for any last minute adjustments to the songs (all 18 of them) and then let the tapes roll. We've got some good stuff heading into this new CD, the older one we loved and will love it more once it is recut, you'll dig the major differences on it...but back to the new CD "One From None"...9 songs clocking in around 40 minutes or so of all kinds of rock and metal. We seem to just write songs we like and not worry about style...yeah there is no lame ballad or pussy ass rock on here, but it does run the spectrum of metal and rock...wait until you hear us on "Blood Feast tonight"...totally different from our other stuff, but we think our buds in the Creeping Cruds will be proud. Vinne is killing the skins and my man Bo is really coming into his own these days. in a few month the guy has stepped up and delivered as a frontman and singer...he's got a little Paul D'ianno and some Rollins going on here and there..good stuff....and I get to make all kinds of cool noise...and scream behind Bo every once in a while just because, well I like to scream. We'll post some songs as soon as they are done.



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