Thursday, March 30, 2006

**Local News** Lots of Sciatica News...

Sciatica Set to Record New Full Length Album

We are set to start recording our full length debut album on Dreamscape Records April 21st. We're going back into Soundworks Media in Decatur, Al w/Dave Pittman at the helm. He did a great job on our first EP and know it's gonna be even better w/our full length. We're looking forward to it. Dave is a great recording engineer and a lot of fun to work with. So check out Soundworks Media online as well as his own band The Judas Goat here on myspace if you get the chance. Hopefully we'll be playing a few shows w/them in the near future. So look for our full length album on Dreamscape Records to hit online stores around May or June(tentatively). And you'll be able to purchase them from us at live shows and tour dates in your area in the summer and fall months. And be prepared that this album will be like no other metal album you've heard before, the quality will be sharp, the new material is ten times better than our old stuff and we'll have some surprises thrown in for good measure.

Sciatica Merchandise
We have some new merch for sale at our online store, either click on the online store link above the dreamscape logo on our myspace page, or type in this link Buy some merch, we're very poor.
We have a new "Sex and Drugs" t-shirt w/a past show flyer on it, very cool. And we have a new dreamscape records sciatica black t-shirt, get this one while it lasts, limited edition. And we have a new deal on buttons. 10 pack of mini-buttons for $9.99
So go there now, and start buying some merch. Let us know if you buy merch, post comments on our page.

Sciatica Speaks about Playing Owensboro, KY
We played Owensboro,Ky @ The Wildcat Saloon last night and let me say that it was amazing! Owensboro has the friendliest people we've ever met and the best music scene we've ever played for. You were all awesome, and really know how a local music scene should be. Thank you so much for making us feel so welcome and the unbelievable response you gave us. We had circle pits and moshing the entire night and one of the best and biggest crowds we've played in front of. We were the out of town band and never played there before and we have over 100 people stick around to see us play at 1 in the morning. We put on the best metal show we know how to and had a fucking blast doing it. We can't wait to come back!! And all the bands were so nice and kicked ass on stage...A Sin A Minute, Metatron, and Black Chain Apparatus. Check them all out on myspace when you get the chance. Our next show is April 8th here in Huntsville,Al @the Benchwarmer on University Dr. So come on out and enjoy!! This was our first show as a signed band on Indie Label Dreamscape Records and we hope we represented the label well and were worthy of being on a label last night.

Help Get the Band in Alternative Press
Alternative Press does write up's of unsigned bands if enough of their fans
write in. So write in, hell tell your friends to write in as well. Here is the e-mail Put "AP&R" in the subject line, and tell them what you think of them.

Source: Sciatica's MySpace Page


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