Saturday, March 25, 2006

** The Iron Boot Needs Your Help **

We now have a few business cards just letting the public know about the website. We are doing fine getting the bands into the loop, now we need help getting the fans into the loop. Therefore, If it is possible...i would like to send some cards to the bands, free...if they handed them out at the venue or got someone too, or even set a stack at their merchandising booth or the door, then that would work also...We have interest from the bands...the page has up to date tours in the area....area news...musician classifides...local cd reviews...local interviews, et etc. We JUST NEED YOUR HELP NOW.

If anyone is interested go to myspace page and send me a message with your address and ill send you some cards to give out.

Remember...the more cards are out the more people will be looking at your band, listening to your music, and see your band know what I mean.

Hit Me Up...I will send them to you...all you have to do is get rid of them at shows...more hits = more access to your music!

Also, If you are not in a band and go to a lot of shows around the area we would like for you to help too. We would meet you to give you cards or posters that could be given out at shows. Of course doing all this might entitle you to a few special things down the pike!

joe, megan
the iron boot


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