Thursday, March 16, 2006

Band of the Month - Vintage Stone

Vintage Stone - Thoughts of a Dreamer - Shadow Over Clouds

Our first band of the month is Alabama's Vintage Stone. These guys play a melodic brand of hard rock and they are super talented. They were nice enough to answer a few questions I had for, here it is.

Interview 3/24/2006

Iron Boot: Names? Age?
Vintage Stone: Blake (vocals) 19, Scott (guitar) 21, Tyler (bass) 18, Cody (drums) 20

IB: How long have you guys known each other? Been together?
VS: We've known each other since high school and the four of us have been going a year.

IB: Musical influences?
VS: Blake: Maynard, Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain, Scott: Tom Morello, Mark Tremonti, Darren Malakian, Tyler: Les Claypool, Flea, Ryknow, John Paul Jones, Cody: Dave Grohl, Danny Carey

IB: What do you guys do besides play music? Jobs? For Fun?
VS: Pretty much all we do besides play music is either go to school or work. Not much else.

IB: How would you describe the music scene around here?
VS: Emo + Southern Rock = Awful.

IB: Any recommendations to make the scene bigger, better?
VS: Quit with the cover bands. They stagnate the market for original bands.

IB: How would you describe your music?
VS: A work in progress.

IB: Biggest achievement so far?
VS: Finally learning that whether or not we think it's us or another band, the most talented bands don't always win a Battle of the Bands or anything else. And we had some songs released in England.

IB: What would you like to achieve next in your music career?
VS: Get people to like our music.

IB: What does it take to get your music on itunes? How many of the new eps have you sold?
VS: iTunes is connected with CDBaby. We've sold around 300 in the six months we've had it released.

IB: Whats the biggest crowd you guys have played for? Where was it?
VS: Northeast Alabama Community College. There were about 700 people there that night.

IB: What can the fans do for you guys right now?
VS: If you enjoy our music, support it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

VS rocks...the will be with Viola and October in Florence, May 27th

more info check out

12:42 AM  

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