Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Amplified Magazine Logo Contest - Re-Posted from Ziggy's MySpace Page

If you are an artist and you would be interested in designing the new logo for AMPLIFIED then today you need to submit your idea . AMPLIFIED is looking for a new design and if your design is chosen then you will recieve 1 free add for 1 month

Remember AMPLIFIED is a magazine provided for bands to network with each other and for venues to promote their shows and for Bands to advertise and sell merchandise and tour dates . include your web address and all the information you want to be listed , we will do the layout and email it back to you for your approval....

You choose your size of the add , choose from the following

2x2 space $25.00
4x5 space $45.00
1/2 page $50.00
full page $100.00

We will consider placing your add on the cover if you are intested
in purchasing a front page add ..details will be provided upon request

You choose the art and the text and we print your add

AMPLIFIED *Musicians Magazine*


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