Friday, March 31, 2006

Indie Community Talent Search Information

Enter the Indie Talent Search and win an opening slot at Christian Music Day at Alabama Adventure in Birmingham, AL!!

Any Christian solo artist, group, or band can enter. All styles of music
are welcome!

A Talent Search for new Christian artists produced by Indie
- the resource for Christian bands, worship leaders, and speakers. Winners
will receive prizes that include an opening slot at Christian Music Day,
recording and production of a song with a Dove Award winning producer, $500
gift certificate to a merchandise company, a radio interview on 93.7 WDJC,
and MORE!!

The Talent Search will be held over 2 days - April 29 and May 6. The
competitions will run from 11 AM until all artists have performed. The
winner will perform at Christian Music Day on June 10th and open for
Superchick, Josh Bates, Zoegirl, and Charity Von.

The Talent Search will take place at Alabama Adventure in Birmingham, AL
on their main stage. Christian Music Day will also be held on the main
stage at Alabama Adventure.

Bands and artists can enter by clicking on this link (or pasting it into
your browser) -
There is a $50 entry fee and if you are selected to perform you will be
required to pay a $75 performance fee. Every band that enters will
receive a FREE 6 month membership to Indie AND a FREE 1 year
membership to (a $80 value)!!

To discover new talent and provide opportunities for independent Christian

Get your entries in soon - spots will fill up quickly!! ...for more info.!

Source: the fish music hall

RavenMadd Records Needs Artists + Bands for Tour

Recently I have taken the responsibility of personally managing a local (Huntsville) band DIVERGE. We are aiming to go on tour through the South East in the mid-summer of 06. Exact dates and certain other details are of TBD of course, but I will post further details as things get in order. We will be looking for bands and venues in potential host cities such as Nashville/Chatanooga, TN, Atlanta, GA, Birmingham, AL, and Tallahassee/Gainesville, FL to join in on the madness as we come through. We are currently looking for 3-4 bands per city interested in participating. If your band or venue wants to take part please contact us via our myspace site or by emailing us at If you are a band, please send us your presskit as requested below and alert us by email so we know to expect it. Other information will be posted as necessary. Thank you and have a great 2006!

Right now, we're looking for up and coming Metal Artists who are looking to establish a name for themselves, as well as those who already have. Questions and Suggestions are welcome and will be responded to in a timely manner. This is a pioneer site to probe out potential interest and support, another site will be coming soon. Feel free to let us know what you're looking for in a label. If there are matters you wish to discuss, feel free to email us and we can set up a time to talk. You are now able to send us your demos and other information at the address provided below.

-Nate ..m/
President, CEO


RavenMadd Records
P.O. Box 920
Madison, AL 35757

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Free Iron Boot Window Decals + T Shirt Information

We have some free window decals we are giving out free to anyone who wants em. Just send me an email, which is on the right side of the page, with your address and I will send one right out. All I ask is to keep spreading the word.

Iron Boot merchandise is not too far off and its going to be top notch. I had an idea on making shirts with a twist...having band logos and their myspace addresses on the back. This would give your band mad exposure since they will be sold all over...Nashville, Chattanooga, Knoxville, Huntsville, Atlanta, Birmingham, Mississippi. We were thinking about asking the bands for about 15-20 bucks to have their logo put on them...this is about the lowest we can go...we need all the help we can get with the shirts since we are dirt poor and not making money.

Please let me know what you think. Im anxious to hear back from some bands...


**Local News** Huntsville Show Saturday April 1, 2006

**Local News** NoiseCult Speaks Out on New CDs

Starting Friday we get to go in and record some new songs..and since we made a lineup change right after the "End of Days" CD came out, we are re-recording that one as it'll be like having two new CDs.....tomorrow Producer Matt and I get to go over to the studio to do some other'll give us a chance to plan out everything for Friday night...then one more practie wednesday night for any last minute adjustments to the songs (all 18 of them) and then let the tapes roll. We've got some good stuff heading into this new CD, the older one we loved and will love it more once it is recut, you'll dig the major differences on it...but back to the new CD "One From None"...9 songs clocking in around 40 minutes or so of all kinds of rock and metal. We seem to just write songs we like and not worry about style...yeah there is no lame ballad or pussy ass rock on here, but it does run the spectrum of metal and rock...wait until you hear us on "Blood Feast tonight"...totally different from our other stuff, but we think our buds in the Creeping Cruds will be proud. Vinne is killing the skins and my man Bo is really coming into his own these days. in a few month the guy has stepped up and delivered as a frontman and singer...he's got a little Paul D'ianno and some Rollins going on here and there..good stuff....and I get to make all kinds of cool noise...and scream behind Bo every once in a while just because, well I like to scream. We'll post some songs as soon as they are done.


**Local News** Lots of Sciatica News...

Sciatica Set to Record New Full Length Album

We are set to start recording our full length debut album on Dreamscape Records April 21st. We're going back into Soundworks Media in Decatur, Al w/Dave Pittman at the helm. He did a great job on our first EP and know it's gonna be even better w/our full length. We're looking forward to it. Dave is a great recording engineer and a lot of fun to work with. So check out Soundworks Media online as well as his own band The Judas Goat here on myspace if you get the chance. Hopefully we'll be playing a few shows w/them in the near future. So look for our full length album on Dreamscape Records to hit online stores around May or June(tentatively). And you'll be able to purchase them from us at live shows and tour dates in your area in the summer and fall months. And be prepared that this album will be like no other metal album you've heard before, the quality will be sharp, the new material is ten times better than our old stuff and we'll have some surprises thrown in for good measure.

Sciatica Merchandise
We have some new merch for sale at our online store, either click on the online store link above the dreamscape logo on our myspace page, or type in this link Buy some merch, we're very poor.
We have a new "Sex and Drugs" t-shirt w/a past show flyer on it, very cool. And we have a new dreamscape records sciatica black t-shirt, get this one while it lasts, limited edition. And we have a new deal on buttons. 10 pack of mini-buttons for $9.99
So go there now, and start buying some merch. Let us know if you buy merch, post comments on our page.

Sciatica Speaks about Playing Owensboro, KY
We played Owensboro,Ky @ The Wildcat Saloon last night and let me say that it was amazing! Owensboro has the friendliest people we've ever met and the best music scene we've ever played for. You were all awesome, and really know how a local music scene should be. Thank you so much for making us feel so welcome and the unbelievable response you gave us. We had circle pits and moshing the entire night and one of the best and biggest crowds we've played in front of. We were the out of town band and never played there before and we have over 100 people stick around to see us play at 1 in the morning. We put on the best metal show we know how to and had a fucking blast doing it. We can't wait to come back!! And all the bands were so nice and kicked ass on stage...A Sin A Minute, Metatron, and Black Chain Apparatus. Check them all out on myspace when you get the chance. Our next show is April 8th here in Huntsville,Al @the Benchwarmer on University Dr. So come on out and enjoy!! This was our first show as a signed band on Indie Label Dreamscape Records and we hope we represented the label well and were worthy of being on a label last night.

Help Get the Band in Alternative Press
Alternative Press does write up's of unsigned bands if enough of their fans
write in. So write in, hell tell your friends to write in as well. Here is the e-mail Put "AP&R" in the subject line, and tell them what you think of them.

Source: Sciatica's MySpace Page

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

**News** 3/29/06 Sepultura

Max back with Sepultura?

Morley Seaver of antiMUSIC recently conducted an interview with STONE SOUR guitarist Josh Rand. A couple of excerpts from the chat follow:

antiMUSIC: You've secured [producer] Nick Raskulinecz for the [new] record. What made you choose him?

Josh Rand: "For me, it was just when I talked to him. I just felt comfortable with him. And for myself who's new to have somebody come in and actually like become a member of the family… I spent a lot of time demoing. I do a lot of writing. And to have somebody come in and say, 'Can you change this or that?' is really interesting. But for some reason with him, when we were making a decision, I just felt super-comfortable with him. And what he's done…his previous work. The stuff with VELVET REVOLVER and of course with the FOO FIGHTERS speaks volumes, you know. So it was a no-brainer for us."

antiMUSIC: What is the songwriting process like in STONE SOUR? Considering Corey [Taylor, vocals] is usually involved with other things, I would imagine you guys write on your own and bring back finished songs minus lyrics whenever you reconvene. Is that right? Or do you write together?

Josh Rand: "We don't write together. The first record, I pretty much did all the music. Corey did all the vocals. On this record, however, everybody was involved in one way or another. Basically I wrote all the heavier stuff. Corey wrote all the vocals. Jim [Root, guitar] wrote several songs. Shawn [Economaki, bass] wrote a song and actually one song was written off Shawn's drum beat. So everybody has contributed to this record. Everybody writes by themselves. For myself, I write all the music and what I think the arrangement should be. Then I'll turn it over to Corey. He might make some changes and then I'll bring it to the group, if I think it's good. Then it'll grow from there because everybody will add their own little thing to it."

antiMUSIC: The last record went gold. Were the other guys concerned that the public was getting the wrong impression of what the band was all about from the success of "Bother", or that it was just the Corey Taylor project?

Josh Rand: "Yeah, I totally agree with that. I think that we're still misunderstood. We're a band. We're not Corey's side project. We're a functioning band. We were around before SLIPKNOT. For Corey to step away from SLIPKNOT…for him, it's to show a different side of him. But there's more to us. We're not, you know, just a couple of buddies getting together to jam with some other guys and tour for a month. We're a serious band. We take it very seriously. So does our record company. We're looking to do way bigger business with this record. I honestly believe this material is way better. It's more mature. We were rushed the first time around. It was basically me and Corey just jamming. We did almost all those songs basically by ourselves. It started off being just two friends together and then all of a sudden it became this other thing. The next thing you know we're signing this record contract, recording the first record and things happened really quickly."


Tuesday, March 28, 2006

**News** 3/28/06 Bury Your Dead, As I Lay Dying

New Bury Your Dead Album

Bury Your Dead have completed recording their new album, the tentatively titled "Beauty And The Breakdown", with producer Jason Suecof (God Forbid, Trivium). The effort will see a July 11th release date through Victory. For now, band guitarist Slim B had the following to say about it:
"As a band, we feel this record is the equivalent to Dr. Dre's The Chronic. We are excited as hell about this record - Jason challenged us to try new things and pushed us to do some things that may surprise people, while retaining and building on our sound. We can't wait to get back on the road and start playing live again, but recording has been the best experience possible."
In related news, the band have also officially announced Aaron Patrick as their new bassist


As I Lay Dying's Upcoming Album
As I Lay Dying's upcoming collection of early recordings and newly recorded takes on them has been given a new title. The effort will now be known as "A Long March: The Journey To The Beginning", when it sees a May 16th release date through Metal Blade.


**Local News** Stonegate Needs 2nd Guitarist

Decatur Metal/Industrial band Stonegate is looking for a 2nd (rhythm) guitarist to play in the band. They need someone who really wants to play shows and is up for practicing 3-4 times a week. They also need show worthy equipment.

This is a really fine chance for one lucky person. Stonegate has a whole album's worth of songs, plus half of another...they can break it down to just drum or guitar tracks (both rhythm and lead) if this is easier for you to learn.

The band can make Demo CDs right away...start playing a lot of shows when you're ready. This is a sweet deal for one lucky person. Stonegate will give anyone a chance...if you are interested please send a message to their myspace page

Monday, March 27, 2006

**News** 3/27/06 More Tool News

Tool's First Single
Tool have selected the track "Vicarious" as the first single from their upcoming new album "10,000 Days". The song will impact at radio on April 17th, while the album is on course for a May 02nd release date through Volcano. A video for "Vicarious" is said to have been in the works by the band for some time now.


**Local News** Sciatica Being Interviewed 4/2/06

Sunday April 2, 2006 @ 4pm Eastern, 3 PM Central, Sciatica will be interviewed by DJ Wrathchild and DJ Demonfire on Hard Rock Radio Live's "Chaos To The Core" Show.

You can listen to the show here.

**Local News** Band, Two Brothers Need Help!

Birmingham, AL Rock/Metal act, Two Brothers, are looking for a little help with the band. They need both a vocalist and a bass player. Message the guys on their myspace site if you are interested.

**Local News** 4 Oppurtunities for Bands...

Here are three bits of information submitted by Piranah:

1. All bands need to sign up for a free account to sell your songs at A lot of execs use this site and they are working on a deal with Sony.

2. Bands sign up for an account at People can then buy your ringtones which they provide for you for free!

3. Piranah is doing the theme to the movie - tv show TRUTH OR DARE and they are still needing more music. To find out more, go to

Also....Every Sunday night, The Buzz spotlights Nashville’s best new local rock with the Local Buzz. It’s two hours of what’s happening right now in Music City with the occasional live music, and your host Aljon interviews the bands on the cutting edge of Nashville’s rock scene. For questions about submissions or requests, send an email to:

If you want to hear your band on the Local Buzz, get your band’s package to Buzz Headquarters, located at 1824 Murfreesboro Rd. in Nashville, about a mile south of the airport. If you need the mailing address, click HERE. CDs only please. Make sure to include your band’s correct contact information. All packages become the sole property of WBUZ and can not be returned.

We have created a Local Buzz Panel to review all the packages we receive. Every CD we get will be heard. The Local Buzz Panel is solely responsible for programming and booking the Local Buzz, and their decision is always final.


Sunday, March 26, 2006

**News** 3/26/06 Strapping Young Lad, Underoath

Strapping Young Lad CD Title

Strapping Young Lad are looking at "The New Black" as the title to their upcoming new album which is expected out in July via Century Media.


New Underoath Album
Underoath have chosen "Define The Great Line" as the title to their upcoming new album which will see a June 20th release date through Solid State. The tentative track listing for it is as follows:
01 - "In Regards To Self"
02 - "A Moment Suspended In Time"
03 - "There Could Be Nothing After This"
04 - "You're Ever So Inviting"
05 - "Salmamir"
06 - "Returning Empty Handed"
07 - "Casting Such A Thin Shadow"
08 - "Moving For The Sake Of Motion"
09 - "Writing On The Walls"
10 - "Everyone Looks So Good From Here"
11 - "To Whom It May Concern"


**Local News** Want to Open For Hoobastank? and Hoobastank have a contest going on right now...bands can win the prize of opening for the band in a city on their tour. Go to to sign your band up.


**Local News** Get Your Band on 102.9 "The Buzz" in Nashville

Every Sunday night, The Buzz spotlights Nashville’s best new local rock with the Local Buzz. It’s two hours of what’s happening right now in Music City with the occasional live music, and your host Aljon interviews the bands on the cutting edge of Nashville’s rock scene. For questions about submissions or requests, send an email to:

If you want to hear your band on the Local Buzz, get your band’s package to Buzz Headquarters, located at 1824 Murfreesboro Rd. in Nashville, about a mile south of the airport. If you need the mailing address, click HERE. CDs only please. Make sure to include your band’s correct contact information. All packages become the sole property of WBUZ and can not be returned.

We have created a Local Buzz Panel to review all the packages we receive. Every CD we get will be heard. The Local Buzz Panel is solely responsible for programming and booking the Local Buzz, and their decision is always final.


Saturday, March 25, 2006

Vote for Tennessee Band Bellicose - / Revolver Contest

Vote for Bellicose once a day at!

**News** 3/25/06 Cult of Luna, Jesu, Type O Negative

Cult of Luna Album

Cult Of Luna's upcoming new album "Somewhere Along The Highway" is now slated for a June 27th North American release date through Earache. As previously reported, the effort can be sampled online.


Jesu Album
Jesu's upcoming new EP "Silver" can be sampled online here. You can expect to see the effort in stores through Hydra Head on April 11th.


Type O Negative to Enter Studio
TYPE O NEGATIVE will enter the studio in early April to begin recording their long-awaited new album, tentatively due in September via SPV Records. The band, whose first LP, "Slow, Deep and Hard", was issued in 1991, fulfilled their contractual obligations to longtime label Roadrunner with the release of 2003's "Life Is Killing Me". That album debuted on The Billboard 200 chart at No. 39 in June 2003 after registering a first-week sales tally of 27,000 copies. TYPE O NEGATIVE's best-selling album to date is 1994's "Bloody Kisses", which has shifted around a million copies in the U.S.

TYPE O NEGATIVE's first-ever live DVD, "Symphony for the Devil", sold more than 4,000 copies in the United States in its first week of release to debut at No. 8 on Billboard's Top Music Video Chart. To help celebrate the success, TYPE O NEGATIVE will be hosting a party this Saturday, March 25 at Duff's Brooklyn.


** The Iron Boot Needs Your Help **

We now have a few business cards just letting the public know about the website. We are doing fine getting the bands into the loop, now we need help getting the fans into the loop. Therefore, If it is possible...i would like to send some cards to the bands, free...if they handed them out at the venue or got someone too, or even set a stack at their merchandising booth or the door, then that would work also...We have interest from the bands...the page has up to date tours in the area....area news...musician classifides...local cd reviews...local interviews, et etc. We JUST NEED YOUR HELP NOW.

If anyone is interested go to myspace page and send me a message with your address and ill send you some cards to give out.

Remember...the more cards are out the more people will be looking at your band, listening to your music, and see your band know what I mean.

Hit Me Up...I will send them to you...all you have to do is get rid of them at shows...more hits = more access to your music!

Also, If you are not in a band and go to a lot of shows around the area we would like for you to help too. We would meet you to give you cards or posters that could be given out at shows. Of course doing all this might entitle you to a few special things down the pike!

joe, megan
the iron boot

Friday, March 24, 2006

Nice Studio Prices for Bands

Daniel Scobey who works in conjunction with a group called EbbTight Multimedia, will do full production...all the way to merchandising...very inexpensively. $25/hr recording time with mixing, editing, and final mastering. It's a good oppertunity for some local bands to record high quality tracks for not a lot of cash. His myspace page is: or give them a call at 615 957 8000.

Nashville Band, Deadsun, On UPN 4/1/06

Deadsun will be appearing on a brand new tv show on UPN ( which is now WUXP) called Not Just Country which features the rock scene in Nashville. We will be on the second episode which airs April 1 @ 9:30am. ( Channel 14 if your on Comcast)...the following night (April 2) we will be opening the Powerman 5000 show.

Murfreesboro Band, Under a Dead Sky, Needs Help

Murfreesboro Metal/Black Metal/Hardcore band Under a Dead Sky are currently looking for a drummer, bassist, and a second guitar...check out their myspace page to get in touch.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Summer After Fall Singer

Summer After Fall is still looking for a singer...if you are interested then give them a call at 678-634-2706.

**News** 3/23/06 Black Label Society, Rob Zombie

Black Label Society Signs to Roadrunner Records

Roadrunner Records is proud to announce the signing of legendary guitarist Zakk Wylde and his band, Black Label Society.

Having sold over 1.4 million albums worldwide BLS is currently working with producer Michael Beinhorn (Soundgarden, Ozzy Osbourne, Red Hot Chili Peppers) on Shot To Hell, their first release for Roadrunner, which will be released this summer. "After spending a lifetime as Wylde Z. Coyote, I guess it was just a matter of time before I'd catch the Roadrunner," comments Wylde.

Shot To Hell is the follow up to Mafia, which debuted in March 2005 at #15 on the Billboard Top 200 Album chart and at #1 on the Top Independent Albums chart. The top rock track "In This River" from Mafia will be on the upcoming MTV2 Headbangers Ball: The Revenge album, out April 11th.


Rob Zombie's Album Streamed this Week
Rob Zombie's entire new album "Educated Horses," due on March 28 via Geffen Records, is available for streaming on this week. The follow-up to 2001's "The Sinister Urge" was recorded at Los Angeles' Chop Shop Studios with co-producer Scott Humphrey, who had previously worked with Rob on the platinum hits "Hellbilly Deluxe" and "The Sinister Urge". Other musicians contributing to the CD include Josh Freese (A PERFECT CIRCLE, VANDALS) and Tommy Lee (MÖTLEY CRÜE).


Wednesday, March 22, 2006

**News** 3/22/06 Metallica Tribute, Tool Cover Art

Metallica Tribute Album

The track listing has been revealed for "Remastered", the upcoming "Kerrang!"-backed 20th anniversary tribute to Metallica's "Master Of Puppets", here's how it looks:
01 - Machine Head - "Battery"
02 - Trivium - "Master Of Puppets"
03 - Mendeed - "The Thing That Should Not Be"
04 - Bullet For My Valentine - "Welcome Home (Sanitarium)"
05 - Chimaira - "Disposable Heroes"
06 - Fightstar - "Leper Messiah"
07 - Mastodon - "Orion"
08 - Funeral For A Friend - "Damage, Inc."
The outing will be included with the 1102 issue of "Kerrang!" which goes on sale on April 05th.


New Tool Cover Art
The cover art for Tool's upcoming new album "10,000 Days" has been posted online over at the bands official website The album will see a May 02nd release date through Volcano.


Municipal Waste, FaceDownInShit Pictures from Liberty Design

Here are some pics from the show last night...The people were friggin' crazy and the show was great...

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

**Local News** Show March 24th...

Come out to the Sports Page March 24th to see a great metal show...

**News** 3/21/06 Zakk Wylde, Between the Buried and Me

Zakk Wylde / Roadrunner

As previously hinted at, Zakk Wylde's Black Label Society have signed a deal with Roadrunner for the release of their new album "Shot To Hell", which is scheduled to hit stores this summer. The band are currently working on the effort with producer Michael Beinhorn (Soundgarden, Ozzy Osbourne). Furthermore, the group will also be one of the headlining artists for the Second Stage of this years "Ozzfest". Meanwhile, rumors currently circulating suggest that some 'headbangers' from the Main Stage of this years "Ozzfest" are pegged to sign a deal with Roadrunner shortly as well.


New Between the Buried and Me Album News
Between The Buried And Me have announced that they will begin recording their upcoming cover CD "The Anatomy Of" with producer Jamie King (Between The Buried And Me, Through The Eyes Of the Dead) in April. The effort, which will be out in June through Victory, will feature covers of the following tracks:
Pantera - "Cemetery Gates"
Sepultura - "Territory"
Soundgarden - "The Day I Tried to Live"
Motley Crue - "Kickstart My Heart"
Pink Floyd - "Us And Them"
Queen - "Bicycle Race"
Metallica - "Orion"
Metallica - "Blackened"
Faith No More - "Malpractice"
The Doors - "People Are Strange"
Depeche Mode - "Little 15"
Smashing Pumpkins - "Geek U.S.A."
Blind Melon - "Change"


Sunday, March 19, 2006

Pictures From Bleeding Through, Between the Buried and Me, Every Time I Die Show

The pics are from this weekend at Rocketown in Nahsville...the place was packed...sold out, and the bands rocked. I recommend everyone that doesnt have a CD by these bands to go pick one up !

Saturday, March 18, 2006

**News** 3/18/06 Down, Cradle of Filth

New DOWN Record Coming Out

DOWN fan site Down In Europe ( has issued an interview with drummer Jimmy Bower in which he discusses the band's plans for touring and the recording of Down III. The following is an excerpt from the interview:

Q: Is it gonna be a case of, tour round this side of the world, go home record and then tour? Or is it more likely gonna be a trip home and then U.S. tour before you write?

A: "We're gonna do this tour then come home and write DOWN III, and hopefully record in September."

Check out the complete interview at this location.

As previously reported, ( recently issued a video interview conducted with guitarist Kirk Windstein (Down, CROWBAR, VALUME NOB, KINGDOM OF SORROW) in which he discusses, among other topics, Down's upcoming European tour (May, into June) and the condition of bandmate Philip Anselmo (SUPERJOINT RITUAL, ex-PANTERA).

Says Kirk, "Philip's doing fantastic, Jimmy Bower's doing fantastic. Phil had his back surgery, he's healing three, four months ahead of time, working out again, everything, he's in great shape, his attitude is unbeliebable. It's like, you know, going back 10, 12 years or something, his attitude and stuff. He's doing really, really good and he's pumped and excited about it, so I'm fuckin' ready."


New Cradle of Filth Album to feature H.I.M.
CRADLE OF FILTH frontman Dani Filth has posted a lengthy studio update on the band's official web site. A couple of excerpts from his report follow:

"Six weeks into the second bout finds us near completion aside from four or five songs worth of vocals, which is due to an illness that has been developing in me for the past month or two. Such was the seriousness of the ailment (I couldn't sing, so no difference there then!), that a referral was made to Rob's [Caggiano, producer] homeopathic doctor back in the States which immediately proved the worst. I was, and still am, suffering from serious digestive allergies. Now I'm on the same insane amount of pills that Rob was and is still on, plus a yeast-free diet that eliminates all booze (noooo!!!!), sugar, vinegar and bread amongst other life-giving foodstuffs. What a fucking nightmare! Aside from untreated meat, the only thing I can actually eat for two months it seems is the packaging that other food comes in!

"Ville Valo of H.I.M. has contributed vocals to 'The Byronic Man' whilst (Dirty) Harry has completed 'Temptation'. Both contributions are exemplary and really bring something really new to the table. Sarah Jezebel Deva, in a brief spell away from completing her own ANGTORIA project, has also sung and narrated on several tracks and we have had visits from select members of the Lincoln Cathedral choir to add some ethereal gloss.

"Then there is still the main guest narration slot, which, at time of going to press, is still being addressed with the actor in question. Of course, I will endeavour to keep you informed on this, when and where it happens.

"A few tracks are in the mixing stages to further our studio output whilst i regain my health (with this amount of homeopathic remedies rattling around my system, hopefully it won't be too far away…) and these are sounding already far bigger than 'Nymphetamine'... this time choosing to stay with the production team rather than bringing in an independent mixer for the sake of continuity."


Friday, March 17, 2006

Musician Resources: Taxi & Gigmasters

I found this site on the web...its not free but it looks like a good resource for musicians. Check it out...

Another site I found...this might help you get booked. Its mostly a directory of talent by State/City. People can then go online and find the right band to play a gig...

**News** 3/17/06 Black Light Burns, Eyehategod, In Flames

Black Light Burns Info.
Black Light Burns, a group who feature Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit fame, Danny Lohner (formerly of nine inch nails), and more, have set "Cruel Melody" as the title to their upcoming Interscope debut which will see a release in the coming months. The track listing for the effort is as follows:
01 - "The Mark"
02 - "Animal"
03 - "Lie"
04 - "Coward" (Feat. Sonny Moore)
05 - "Cruel Melody" (Feat. Carina Round)
06 - "I Have A Need" (Feat. Sam Rivers)
07 - "4 Walls"
08 - "Stop A Bullet"
09 - "One Of Yours"
10 - "New Hunger"
11 - "I Am Where It Takes Me" (Feat. Johnette Napolitano)
12 - "Iodine Sky"
In related news, Wes Borland has taken the time to address the questions regarding his future with Limp Bizkit, he had the following to say:
"I currently have no plans of working with Limp Bizkit. All my future time has been allocated to Black Light Burns, From First To Last, and other projects. "Will I ever work with LB in the future?" Anything is possible, but that's not even on the radar at this point. Limp Bizkit is my past, and I care only about Black Light Burns right now, which is my future."


Eyehategod Tribute Record
A tribute to Eyehategod entitled "For The Sick - A Tribute To Eyehategod" is currently being put together with plans for a release through Emetic Records later this year. Bands currently planned to take part include Mastodon, Watch Them Die, Minsk, 3 Inches Of Blood, Left In Ruin, Brutal Truth, Ichabod and more.


In Flames Tour Dates
In Flames have announced more stops with Throwdown, Nevermore and Evergrey, here's the latest:
May 11th Cincinnati, OH - Bogart's
May 12th Fort Wayne, IN - Piere's
May 13th Grand Rapids, MI - Orbit Room
May 15th Lawrence, KS - Granada
May 16th Colorado Springs, CO - The Black Sheep
May 23rd Tucson, AZ - Rialto Theatre
May 26th Memphis, TN - New Daisy Theatre
May 28th Tallahassee, FL - The Beta Bar
May 30th Ft. Lauderdale, FL - Revolution


Thursday, March 16, 2006

**News** 3/16/06 Book Teaches You How to Scream?

Being a metal vocalist is easy, right? Just grab a microphone and start screaming. You might be okay for a song, but try doing it for 90 minutes each show, day after day. Just like any other style of singing, to do it right requires proper training. And Melissa Cross is the perfect person to do that training.
Cross is a renowned vocal coach who has worked with a lot of metal singers. This DVD is her step by step training program on how to do it. It's not just a dry, educational DVD, either. It's interesting and sometimes funny. It's also filled with a lot of vocalists Cross has trained, including Andrew W.K. and vocalists from Every Time I Die, God Forbid, Madball, Shadows Fall and a lot more.
This DVD of course is directed at those who are or want to be metal vocalists. But it's also an interesting look at what goes into being a vocalist even for those who aren't in a band.


Band of the Month - Vintage Stone

Vintage Stone - Thoughts of a Dreamer - Shadow Over Clouds

Our first band of the month is Alabama's Vintage Stone. These guys play a melodic brand of hard rock and they are super talented. They were nice enough to answer a few questions I had for, here it is.

Interview 3/24/2006

Iron Boot: Names? Age?
Vintage Stone: Blake (vocals) 19, Scott (guitar) 21, Tyler (bass) 18, Cody (drums) 20

IB: How long have you guys known each other? Been together?
VS: We've known each other since high school and the four of us have been going a year.

IB: Musical influences?
VS: Blake: Maynard, Chris Cornell, Kurt Cobain, Scott: Tom Morello, Mark Tremonti, Darren Malakian, Tyler: Les Claypool, Flea, Ryknow, John Paul Jones, Cody: Dave Grohl, Danny Carey

IB: What do you guys do besides play music? Jobs? For Fun?
VS: Pretty much all we do besides play music is either go to school or work. Not much else.

IB: How would you describe the music scene around here?
VS: Emo + Southern Rock = Awful.

IB: Any recommendations to make the scene bigger, better?
VS: Quit with the cover bands. They stagnate the market for original bands.

IB: How would you describe your music?
VS: A work in progress.

IB: Biggest achievement so far?
VS: Finally learning that whether or not we think it's us or another band, the most talented bands don't always win a Battle of the Bands or anything else. And we had some songs released in England.

IB: What would you like to achieve next in your music career?
VS: Get people to like our music.

IB: What does it take to get your music on itunes? How many of the new eps have you sold?
VS: iTunes is connected with CDBaby. We've sold around 300 in the six months we've had it released.

IB: Whats the biggest crowd you guys have played for? Where was it?
VS: Northeast Alabama Community College. There were about 700 people there that night.

IB: What can the fans do for you guys right now?
VS: If you enjoy our music, support it.

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Resonate TV are Looking for Music Videos

Do you have a music video...visit this page to get it broadcast twice a week to a pc/ipod/psp...

Georgia Band Needs Vocalist

Summer After Fall, a post hardcore/alternative/rock band out of Douglasville, GA is looking for a vocalist and needs your help. Message them on their site if you are interested.

New Banner

We now have a banner...if anyone would like to put it on their page send me an email and I will be glad to give you the html. Thanks!

Get Your Band Featured on Scrub Radio

Go to and sign up to get your band on the air.

Local Band Destroy by Design Needs Guitarist

Destroy by Design, a metal band out of Spring Hill, TN is looking for a rhythm guitarist...if anyone is interested go to their myspace page and send them a message.

Amplified Magazine Logo Contest - Re-Posted from Ziggy's MySpace Page

If you are an artist and you would be interested in designing the new logo for AMPLIFIED then today you need to submit your idea . AMPLIFIED is looking for a new design and if your design is chosen then you will recieve 1 free add for 1 month

Remember AMPLIFIED is a magazine provided for bands to network with each other and for venues to promote their shows and for Bands to advertise and sell merchandise and tour dates . include your web address and all the information you want to be listed , we will do the layout and email it back to you for your approval....

You choose your size of the add , choose from the following

2x2 space $25.00
4x5 space $45.00
1/2 page $50.00
full page $100.00

We will consider placing your add on the cover if you are intested
in purchasing a front page add ..details will be provided upon request

You choose the art and the text and we print your add

AMPLIFIED *Musicians Magazine*

**News** 3/15/06 Orange Goblin, Mike Patton, Seputura

Orange Goblin Tour Dates Confirmed

Capricorns will no longer be joining Orange Goblin on their US tour. The reason is that Capricorns have parted with drummer Chris Turner (who is also the drummer for Orange Goblin). Joining Orange Goblin will be New Hampshire’s Scissorfight and, onselect dates, Dixie Witch:

The US dates are as follows:

Tues, May 16: Boston, MA – The Middle East
Wed, May 17: Worcester, MA - Lucky Dog Music Hall, also with Dixie Witch
Thurs, May 18: New York, NY - Continental, also with Dixie Witch
Fri, May 19: Philadelphia, PA - North Star Bar, also with Dixie Witch
Sat, May 20: Richmond, VA - Alley Katz
Sun, May 21: North Carolina – TBA
Mon, May 22: Nashville, TN - The End
Tues, May 23: St. Louis, MO - Creepy Crawl
Wed, May 24: Chicago, IL - Double Door
Thurs, May 25: Columbus, OH - Little Brothers
Fri, May 26: Youngstown, OH – Emissions from the Monolith at Nyabinghi
Sat, May 27: Rochester, NY – The Montage


Mike Patton/Peeping Tom Project
The track listing has been revealed for the self-titled debut effort from Mike Patton's long-delayed Peeping Tom project, here's how it shapes up:
01 - "Five Seconds" (Feat. Odd Nosdam)
02 - "Mojo" (Feat. Rahzel and Dan The Automator)
03 - "Don't Even Trip" (Feat. Amon Tobin)
04 - "Getaway" (Feat. Kool Keith)
05 - "Your Neighborhood Spaceman" (Feat. Jel and Odd Nosdam)
06 - "Kill The DJ" (Feat. Massive Attack)
07 - "Caipirinha" (Feat. Bebel Gilberto)
08 - "Celebrity Death Match" (Feat. Kid Koala)
09 - "How U Feelin?" (Feat. Doseone)
10 - "Sucker" (Feat. Norah Jones)
11 - "We're Not Alone" (Feat. Dub Trio)
The album will see a May 30th release date through Ipecac.

Source: 3/15/06

New Sepultura Album on
Sepultura's newly released album "Dante XXI", which hits stores yesterday, can be previewed in its entirety online at 3/14/06

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Area Venues for Metal...

This is a list of local area venues that book metal/hard rock...Check their pages for more local shows. If anyone knows some I am missing please let me know.

Nashville, TN

401 6th Ave S

2208 Elliston Place

The Muse
835 4th Ave S

The End
2219 Elliston Place

City Hall
405 12th Avenue South

Red Iguana
305 Broadway

12th & Porter
114 12th Avenue North

Gaylord Entertainment Center
1 Gaylord Drive

Municipal Auditorium
417 4th Avenue North

Ryman Audiotorium
116 5th Avenue North

The Anchor
629 3rd Ave. South

Monday, March 13, 2006

Sciatica Will be Live on ScrubRadio Wednesday Night

Sciatica will be interviewed live on the air Wednesday night at 7pm EST/5pm CST. They will be helping host the show, and the station will be playing all their songs on the show as well.

Help Create Iron Boot Logo...

Hey peoples I need help creating an Iron Boot logo for the site and for a banner...I have no artistic ability at all but was wondering if anyone wanted to help us out and design a logo. I have no requirements for what it should look like...just damn cool. Email me (my address is on the right of the page) with whatever you come up with...Thanks.

**News** 3/13/06 Scarface Video Game, Mastodon

Scarface Video Game

In a move that highlights the music industry's growing use of video games and social networking to reach its audience, Vivendi Universal Games and MySpace Records have teamed up to use "Scarface: The World Is Yours" as a launching pad for a new artist.
One band will be chosen via competition to feature on the soundtrack and also to open a concert for an established Interscope Records artist that the label has declined to specify.

The top 200 artists nominated by the MySpace community will have their music heard by
a panel of music and video game industry judges, who will determine 20 finalists. On March 20, one track from each finalist will be posted on the Scarface MySpace profile site for a final round of voting to determine the winner. The track with the most votes by March 28 will be featured in the game.
The winner and two runners-up will be sent to Los Angeles to play the Interscope-headlined concert at the Electronic Entertainment Expo. More than 1,000 people will attend the concert, including executives from Interscope/MySpace Records and VU Games, celebrities, tastemakers, fans and the press.

Source: yahoo news 3/12/06

**Local News** Booking Email Address...

Found the address for a local Huntsville club. Send them an email and see what they can do.

Also...Tha Loft & Sammy T's are 2 more, but I dont have the emails...try a search on mySpace.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Local CD Reviews

Im trying to get my hands on a bunch of local band's CDs...In the near future I will be reviewing them so watch out...

If any bands in the area have any CDs out please let me know about it...I would love to hear it.

Diverge - Parasite - What a brutal, in your face, split your wig, run off the road at 150 mph metal disc...pick this one up and you wont be disappointed. 4.1 out of 5.0

Lisiya Gori - 3 Song EP - These guys are awesome at what they do. They have the right mix of groove and death metal. 4.3 out of 5.0 - Casey

A Lower Deep - Trinity - Progressive Power Metal with some Death thrown in...the lead singers voice takes some getting used to...I am not a big fan of the high pitched vocals...the CD is a cross between Judas Priest and Opeth. 3.5 out of 5.0

Music Hates You - Send More Paramedics (Pre-Master) - Has a unique blend of rock and metal. However towards the end you get the sense of songs running together. 3.7 out of 5.0 - Casey

Vintage Stone - Thought of a Dreamer - These guys play a straight up style of alternative / hard rock. The songs are structured well and have great melodic parts...the similarities to Audioslave or Soundgarden come to mind. The lead singer has a great that could carry them a long ways. Go to to get this one. 4.3 out of 5.0

Reviews Coming Soon

Sciatica - EP

**Local News** Apply to play 2006 Big Spring Jam..

Maybe Huntsville can get some good shit this year...worth a try.

**News** 3/12/06 Sounds of Underground, Godsmack, DevilDriver, Alice In Chains

Sounds of the Underground Confirmed Bands
We've locked in a number of bands for the second outing of Sounds Of The Underground - As I Lay Dying, In Flames, Trivium, Cannibal Corpse, Terror, Black Dahlia Murder, Behemoth, The Chariot and Through The Eyes Of The Dead. GWAR will be returning to once again lay waste to the SOTU audiences as well. Dates will follow soon.


New Godsmack Project
Three members of Godsmack have teamed up with ex-Ugly Kid Joe/Life Of Agony frontman Whitfield Crane in a new band called Another Animal. The trio are Shannon Larkin (drums), Robbie Merrill (bass) and Tony Rombola (guitar). The foursome aim to record an album that is to be released later in the year.

Source: totalrocknews 3/11/06

DevilDriver, Darkest Hour, Bury Your Dead Tour
DevilDriver will begin their first ever headlining tour in the spring with Bury Your Dead, Darkest Hour, If Hope Dies and Remembering Never. Front-man Dez Fafara told, "It's one hell of a metal package." Following the headlining run the band will join Venom for seven U.S. shows. The band will tour in July and August as part of a "big U.S. festival", however it will not be Ozzfest or Sounds of the Underground. The band plans to kick off another headlining tour in mid-September. DevilDriver is currently on tour with Opeth and Dark Tranquility. Check their website for dates.

Source: 3/11/06

Anselmo & Alice In Chains
BLABBERMOUTH.NET can exclusively reveal that former PANTERA and current SUPERJOINT RITUAL/DOWN frontman Philip Anselmo will be performing with the reunited ALICE IN CHAINS tonight (March 10) at the taping of VH1 Classic's "Decades Rock Live!" tribute to HEART at the Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City. Anselmo will join ALICE IN CHAINS members Jerry Cantrell (guitar), Mike Inez (bass) and Sean Kinney (drums), plus guest musician (on second guitar) Duff McKagan (VELVET REVOLVER, ex-GUNS N' ROSES) for two songs: "Them Bones" and "Would?" COMES WITH THE FALL vocalist/guitarist and member of Jerry Cantrell's touring band William DuVall will also make an appearance on lead vocals for two songs — "Man in the Box" and "Angy Chair". Also scheduled to appear are former JANE'S ADDICTION/RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS guitarist Dave Navarro and Gretchen Wilson, among other guest performers. A spring air date for the show is to be announced shortly.

The "Decades Rock Live!" series is a collection of tributes to artists who have shaped and influenced music over the past several decades, generally including artists the guest of honor picks as influences and more modern acts that have been influenced by the honoree.

Source: 3/10/06

Saturday, March 11, 2006

**Local News** NoiseCult CD & DVD Info...

The guys in NoiseCult out of Nashville are set to begin recording for their new CD March hold you over go to their website and pick up the End of Days CD and Evilution on DVD.

MySpace Groups...

Everyone go join the Iron Boot Group on MySpace for constantly updated information...thanks. Oh...and tell your friends too.

**Local News** Sciatica Signed to Dreamscape Records...

Local Metal band Sciatica were just signed to Dreamscape Records...good job guys.

**Local News** Vintage Stone Dates and CD Info...

Local band Vintage Stone have a CD that everyone needs to pick up at, Thoughts of a Dreamer. Also, they are currently touring the south...dates are below.

3.24.06 Adrian's -- Guntersville, AL
3.31.06 The Downtown -- Morristown, TN
4.01.06 The Prince --- Knoxville, TN
4.07.06 Brother's Bar -- Jacksonville, AL
4.08.06 Soho's --- Columbus, GA
4.13.06 The Nick --- Birmingham, AL
4.14.06 Rooster's --- Auburn, AL
4.15.06 Head on the Door --- Montgomery, AL
5.19.06 The Vault -- Comumbus, GA

Buy the CD
VINTAGE STONE: Thoughts of a Dreamer
click to order

**Local News** Sciatica EP Out...

The Sciatica EP is out for purchase...message the guys here to find out more info.

Friday, March 10, 2006

**Local News** Local Band ( A Lower Deep) In Metal Maniacs...

Congrats to local band A Lower Deep for making it into the Metal Maniacs May Issue. The band was featured in the "Playlists" section when vocalist Billy Mullican let us know what CDs he is listening to right now...

You can pick up the bands cds, Trinity and Parable of the Thorn here. Everybody please support local musicians in the area by buying up whatever merchandise these guys have.


**News** 3/11/06 Tool, Rob Zombie, Pantera, Shadows Fall

Tool Album News
According to, Volcano has set a May 2 North American release date for the new TOOL album, entitled "10,000 Days". The 77-minute, 11-song prog-metal odyssey, which is said to be "packed with plenty of eight minute-plus twisted riff-a-thons, odd-tempo polyrhythms and the band's trademark, eerie interludes" (according to Kerrang! magazine), is the follow-up to 2001's "Lateralus", which debuted at No. 1 on The Billboard 200 and has sold 2.3 million copies in the United States, according to Nielsen SoundScan.

As previously reported, TOOL will play their first U.S. show since late 2002 when it headlines the Coachella Valley Music & Arts Festival on April 30 in Indio, Calif. No other U.S. dates have been confirmed.

Afterward, TOOL will spend the first portion of the summer playing the European festival circuit, with dates on tap through July 9 at Finland's Turku Festival.

Source: 3/10/06

Rob Zombie Information
Launch Radio Networks reports: ROB ZOMBIE is known for his spectacular live shows, but he's scaling things back a bit on his upcoming spring tour. Zombie told Launch that he still wants to give fans their money's worth without taking the focus off the music. "What I want to do is make it a big rock show where the human element of the band never gets lost, because I feel like that's what happened before a little bit," he explained. "It was a huge rock show, but the band was getting lost. This time I want to strike that delicate balance where, you know, you're getting the big show, but not to a point where the band becomes secondary to explosions."

Zombie begins a headlining U.S. tour on March 17 in Jacksonville, Florida, with LACUNA COIL and BULLET FOR MY VALENTINE along as support.

The touring line-up for Zombie's band includes longtime bassist Rob "Blasko" Nicholson, ex-MARILYN MANSON guitarist John 5 and former ALICE COOPER drummer Tommy Clufetos.

The former WHITE ZOMBIE frontman will be the featured musical guest on NBC-TV's "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" on Wednesday, March 15.

Zombie's new album, "Educated Horses", comes out on March 28. The first single from the album, called "Foxy, Foxy", is accompanied by a video directed by Zombie.

Source: 3/10/06

Pantera Videos
Rhino Entertainment will be reissuing Pantera's 3 Vulgar Videos From Hell, a compilation of the band's three home videos - Cowboys From Hell, Vulgar Video and 3 Watch It Go - originally released as a bare-bones DVD package with no menus or chapters in 1997, and taken out of print soon thereafter. The re-release will include the addition of chapters, as well as Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound support, plus a bonus set of live footage from the band's appearance at 1991's Monsters Of Rock festival in Moscow, Russia.

Source: 3/10/06

New Shadows Fall Album
Boston's Shadows Fall and label Century Media has unveiled the cover art for the band's latest album [their final Century Media release] Fallout From The War.

Click here to view cover art.

The album, which was recorded at Planet Z studios under the supervision of Zeuss, will feature eleven tracks in all - eight Shadows Fall originals [including several re-recordings of rare/unreleased songs from earlier sessions] and three cover songs.

Official Fallout From The War Track listing:

01. In Effigy
02. Will To Rebuild
03. Haunting Me Endlessly
04. Seize The Calm
05. Carpal Tunnel
06. Going, Going, Gone.
07. Deadworld
08. This Is My Own
09. December (Only Living Witness)
10. Mark Of The Squealer (Leeway)
11. Teasn', Pleasn' (Dangerous Toys)

The band will be offering fans an opportunity to hear the song 'This Is My Own' by picking up Black Sampler Plastic Edition '06 at The Taste Of Chaos tour or one of many other selected gigs, which will feature a code to be entered after signing up at

Fallout From The War is due for release on June 13th.

Source: 3/10/06

Does Metal and Fighting Go Hand in Hand...I Think So!!

A MMA event is coming to Huntsville, AL on April 29th, 2006...a link to their website is below.

**News** 3/10/06 Chimaira, DevilDriver

New Chimaira Album on the Way
Chimaira have thirteen new tracks written for their next album which they plan to enter the studio this fall to begin recording, more on that can be found in the bands latest update which is available at

Source: 3/10/06

DevilDriver Tour News
According to, DEVILDRIVER will be heading out this spring on their first headlining U.S. club tour with BURY YOUR DEAD, DARKEST HOUR, IF HOPE DIES, and REMEMBERING NEVER. After their headlining tour, the band will also hit the road for seven U.S. shows in support of VENOM.

DEVILDRIVER frontman Dez Fafara has also announced that the band will tour in July and August as part of a big U.S. festival, but confirmed that the quintet "won't be doing Ozzfest and we won't be doing Sounds of the Underground." The band will also have yet another headlining run that kicks off in mid-September and will run to early Decemember.

Source: 3/10/06

More details on these various tours will be posted as they're released.

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Municipal Waste, facedowninshit coming to Huntsville...

Municipal Waste, facedowninshit, Deadbird, Death Camp Experiment, Dirty South Disaster Squad - Huntsville AL 3/21/06 @ Liberty Design

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

**Information** Used CD Stores in Area...

Everyone needs to go check out the Used CD Stores in the area...the following is a list of the ones I know about in the Huntsville area.

CD Exchange, Huntsville Alabama
CD Exchange, Decatur Alabama
Sunburst Records, Huntsville Alabama

Monday, March 06, 2006

**Shows** Upcoming shows in the area...

This is a calendar of upcoming shows in the area...

5/16/06 Xonestray, TBA. The Nick. Nashville TN
5/17/06 Soil, Hourcast, Sevendust. New Daisy. Memphis TN
5/18/06 Lock 13. Summer Locked Tour. Bainbridge GA
5/19/06 The Tony Danza Tapdance Extravaganza, Lye By Mistake, Plea For Purging, Years of Dawn. The Boro. Murfreesboro TN
5/19/06 Straight Line Stitch, Sangrar, Imbrued Deceit, Inferni. The Muse. Nashville TN
5/19/06 StrongTower, More. Shelbyville Show Grounds. Shelbyville TN
5/19/06 Vintage Stone, TBA. The Vault. Columbus GA
5/19/06 Solvi. Tha Loft. Huntsville AL
5/19/06 Overhead, Deep Six. The Fish. Tuscaloosa AL
5/19/06 Die As One, Hellmouth, Halfway Gone, Anos Mia, SkinKage. Ziggys. Chattanooga TN
5/19/06 Normandi. Dallas 1st. Dallas GA
5/19/06 Regiment, Suicide City. Darkside. Atlanta GA
5/19/06 Southern Culture on the Skids, The Gourds. Mercy Lounge. Nashville TN
5/20/06 Wicked Descendants, Grotestuary, Sciatica, Parabellum, Anos Mia - Anniston Death Metal Festival. Anniston Fairgrounds. Anniston AL
5/20/06 Bloodwake, Solvi, Merry Go Drown, 11 Reasons. Ziggy's. Chattanooga TN
5/20/06 The Radio Fix, Jonezetta, Class of 98. Fathom. Chattanooga TN
5/20/06 PsykNyne, Hotboxx. The Darkside. Marietta GA
5/20/06 Christine, Destroy By Design, Sins of Memory. Parra's. Dickson TN
5/20/06 King's X. The Nick. Birmingham AL
5/21/06 Thursday, Minus the Bear, mewithoutyou, We're All Broken. Rocketown. Nashville TN
5/21/06 Goodnight Graceland, Martyrs Last Words. Houston's Church. Hayden AL
5/22/06 Orange Goblin, ScissorFight, Christine. The End. Nashville TN
5/22/06 They Said We Were Ghosts, Taken Under, Gorilla Warfare, Badge of Honor, 4Gotten, Of Novas. The Junction. Columbia TN
5/22/06 Hoth, Southern Mange, My War. Ziggys. Chattanooga TN
5/23/06 We're All Gonna Die. Ziggys. Chattanooga TN
5/23/06 Skullkin, TBA. The End. Nashville TN
5/23/06 King's X. Smith's Olde Bar. Atlanta GA
5/24/06 King's X. Exit/In. Nashville TN
5/25/06 Solvi, Seventh Echo, Hollowed Soul. The Warehouse. Clarksville TN
5/25/06 The Fall of Troy, Showbread, Permanent Me, He Is Legend, Classic Case, Cartel. The Masquerade. Atlanta GA
5/26/06 In Flames, Evergrey, Nevermore, Throwdown. New Daisy Theatre. Memphis TN
5/26/06 A Lower Deep. Darkside. Marietta GA
5/26/06 Bloodwake, Organ, eXesion, Skullkin, Reasoning with Caine. Ziggy's. Chattanooga TN
5/26/06 Blayze. About Time Bar. Manchester TN
5/26/06 Lock 13. Summer Locked Tour - Law Center. Atlanta GA
5/26/06 Goodnight Graceland, This Solemn Vow, Dead Man in Reno. JC Arena. Hanceville AL
5/26/06 Solvi, A Distnat Fall, East River Snorking, Contest Gray, Faith of the Fallen, Opaque, Fandom Fact. Newport Armory. Newport TN
5/27/06 Vintage Stone, Viola, October, More. Vaden's Field. Florence AL
5/27/06 Lisiya Gori, Eloquist. The Muse. Nashville TN
5/27/06 Hornes of Moses, Old Man Dying, Sunday Morning Ritual, Reasoning With Caine. Ziggys. Chattanooga TN
5/27/06 The Wreckoning. The Darkside. Marietta GA
5/27/06 Solvi, Pilot. The Downtown. Morristown TN
5/27/06 Diverge, A Lower Deep. Benchwarmer. Huntsville AL
5/27/06 Apsis, Dequelo. Highnote. Birmingham AL
5/27/06 Blayze. About Time Bar. Manchester TN
5/28/06 Apers, Johnie 3, Backseat Virgins. Hotel Birmingham. Birmingham AL
5/29/06 Underoath, Poison the Well, As Cities Burn, Since By Man, Spitfire. Rocketown. Nashville TN
5/30/06 Underoath, Poison the Well, As Cities Burn, Since By Man. New Daisy Theatre. Memphis TN
5/31/06 Underoath, Poison the Well, As Cities Burn, Since By Man. Club Fathom. Chattanooga TN
5/31/06 D.R.I., Subzero. Hi-Tone. Memphis TN
6/1/06 After the Fray, More. The Zone. Dalton GA
6/1/06 Christine, Wheatus. The Nick. Birmingham AL
6/1/06 D.R.I., Subzero. The Muse. Nashville TN
6/2/06 music hates you, xonestray, Apsis. Benchwarmer. Huntsville AL
6/2/06 Solvi, Hollowed Soul, TBA. The Warehouse. Clarksville TN
6/2/06 Foreshadow, Aisle 13. JC Arena. Hanceville AL
6/2/06 Soiree, Lunacy Driven, Illicit Rite, Den of Inequity, Reasoning with Caine. Ziggys. Chattanooga TN
6/2/06 Edwards Eruption. Darkside. Atlanta GA
6/3/06 Withered, Bloodwake, Vertigo Sun, Moscow Theatre Siege. Ziggys. Chattanooga TN
6/3/06 Christine. McMinville Union Hall. McMinville TN
6/3/06 Sorrow of Her Evil. Verizion Wireless Center. Birmingham AL
6/4/06 Cattle Decaptitation, Necrpphagist, Arsis, Neuraxis, Alarum. The Muse. Nashville, TN
6/4/06 DrowiningInFlame. Memphis TN
6/4/06 Even Idols Die, Valient Thorr. Cave 9. Birmingham AL
6/4/06 Of Sound and Fury. TBA. Olive Branch MS
6/5/06 DrowningInFlame. Birmingham AL
6/6/06 DrowningInFlame. Atlanta GA
6/5/06 Of Sound and Fury. TBA. Birmingham AL
6/6/06 Skullkin, More. The Muse. Nashville TN
6/6/06 ShadowBuilder, Corpsewood. Ziggys. Chattanooga TN
6/6/06 Kylesa, Doomsayer, Zoroaster. Drunken Unicorn. Atlanta GA
6/7/06 Nine Inch Nails, Bauhaus, TV on the Radio. Hifi Ampitheatre. Atlanta GA
6/8/06 Goodnight Graceland, Cearo, TBA. Liberty Design. Huntsville AL
6/9/06 Self Centered, Bodies, Palace of the Fallen. Ziggys. Chattanooga TN
6/9/06 Solvi, Clench. Murphy's. Memphis TN
6/9/06 Illicit Rite. TBA. Knoxville TN
6/9/06 Christine, Downslave, Awake the Suffering. Electric Ballrom. Knoxville TN
6/10/06 Through the Massacre. The CornerPocket. Fulton MS
6/10/06 Hearts Catch Fire. Electric Ballroom. Knoxville TN
6/10/06 After the Fray, Seventh Story Surrender, Benson. Northwest Georgia Trade Center. Dalton GA
6/10/06 Methadone Abortion Clinic, Cretaed to Kill, Shadows of Light, Butcherpriest. Ziggys. Chattanooga TN
6/10/06 Of Sound and Fury. TBA. Atlanta GA
6/10/06 Atomic Blonde, Return to Self, Deadsun. 12th & Porter. Nashville TN
6/10/06 Divineblackenpath, Stentoria, Grotestuary, Others Must Die. The Cellblock. Mobile AL
6/10/06 Christine, Devil to Pay. Springwater. Nashville TN
6/10/06 Daath, Organ. Burrito Jones. Carrolton GA
6/11/06 Of Sound and Fury. TBA. TN
6/12/06 Hoth, Moscow Theatre Seige, Conifer, Burnin Doobage. Ziggys. Chattanooga TN
6/13/06 The Radio Fix, The Boomerang Gang. The High Note. Birmingham AL
6/14/06 The Radio Fix, The Boomerang Gang. Florence AL
6/14/06 Illicit Rite. Riverbend. Chatannoga TN
6/14/06 Horse the Band, Forgive Durden, Gatsby's American Dream, Portugal the Man. Rocketown. Nashville TN
6/15/06 Daath, Among the Fallen. Skatelife. Rome GA
6/15/06 The Radio Fix, The Boomerang Gang, Last Year Portrait. Swayzes. Atlanta GA
6/16/06 Solvi, Spout, Totemsoul, Hybrid-L. The End. Nashville TN
6/16/06 Hearts Catch Fire, Crash Cadillac. Ziggys. Chattanooga TN
6/16/06 Vintage Stone, Caliber Session. High Note. Birmingham AL
6/16/06 Code Atom, Ill Break. Darkside. Atlanta GA
6/16/06 PsykNyne, Daath. Paradise. Macon GA
6/16/06 Tony Danza, Cocypus, The Burning Issue, Alert the Sky. Rocketown. Nashville TN
6/16/06 Nevermore. ProgPower Festival.
6/16/06 Daath, Psyknyne, Suckerhead. The Paradise. Macon GA
6/17/06 The Radio Fix, The Boomerang Gang. Nashville TN
6/17/06 Vahalla, Deadsun, Dissaray, Piranah. Exit/In. Nashville TN
6/17/06 Meat Rocket, Head Check, Merry Go Drown, 11 Reasons, Coke Dick Motorcycle Awesome, Mindsplitter. Ziggys. Chattanooga TN
6/17/05 Murder By Death, Langhame Slim, Metal Hearts. Rocketown. Nasgville TN
6/17/06 PsykNyne, Uncrowned, Threshold, Dear Enemy, Scheme. Hooter's. Albany GA
6/17/06 Solvi, Shattermask, Hybrid-L. The Factory. Cookeville TN
6/17/06 S.R.I., Subzero. The Masquerade. Atlanta GA
6/17/06 Bane, Modern Life Is War. Earthlink Live. Atlanta GA
6/17/06 Daath, Suckerhead. SoHos. Columbus GA
6/18/06 Ill Nino. Chastain Park Ampitheater. Atlanta GA
6/18/06 Bane, Modern Life is War. Cave 9. Birmingham AL
6/19/06 Bane. The Muse. Nashville TN
6/20/06 Bane, That Was Then. The Rally Point. Memphis TN
6/20/06 Lamb of God. New Daisy Theatre. Memphis TN
6/20/06 Murder By Death, Lucero, Vedera. The Masquerade. Atlanta GA
6/20/06 Daath, Eyehategod, Hematavore. Rooster's. Auburn AL
6/22/06 Terror, Death Before Dishonor, Through the Eyes of the Dead. Cave 9. Birmingham AL
6/22/06 Daath, Organ, Package. Head on the Door. Montgomery AL
6/23/06 Demon Hunter, Zao, August Burns Red. Rocketown. Nashville TN
6/23/06 Christine. The Hideaway. Johnson City TN
6/23/06 Blayze. About Time Bar. Manchester TN
6/23/06 Collossick, Organ, Daath, Bloodwake, Package. Ziggys. Chattanooga TN
6/23/06 Music Hates You, Marsellus. TBA. Auburn AL
6/23/06 Lock 13, Year and a Day. The Nick. Birmingham AL
6/23/06 Sempiternal Truth, Level 13, FromRuin. SkateLife Skate Park. Rome GA
6/23/06 The Flood Memoirs. 7 Venue. Douglasville GA
6/23/06 Daath, Organ, TBA. Ziggys. Chattanooga TN
6/24/06 Apsis, BTA, Jemani. High Note. Birmingham AL
6/24/06 A Lower Deep. Breakers Music Hall. Columbus GA
6/24/06 Christine, Muleface. The Underground. Hickory NC
6/24/06 StrongTower, Narrow Gate. Carpenter's Cowboy Church. Chattanooga TN
6/24/06 Izopn & Friends. Ziggys. Chattanooga TN
6/24/06 MindSplitter. Cannary Ballroom. Nashville TN
6/24/06 August Burns Red, Demon Hunter, Zao. The Masquerade. Atlanta GA
6/24/06 Daath. Wildcat Saloon. Owensboro KY
6/25/06 The Showdown, It Dies Today, Haste the Day, Flee the Seen, Chiodos. Rocketown. Nashville TN
6/26/06 The Showdown, It Dies Today, Haste the Day, Flee the Seen, Chiodos. Skate Park. Memphis TN
6/27/06 Slayer, Children of Bodom, Mastodon, Thine Eyes Bleed. HiFi Ampitheatre. Atlanta GA
6/28/06 Against Me, Aiden, Anti-Flag, Armor For Sleep, As Cities Burn, Every Time I Die, Helmet, Maylene, Senses Fail, Underoath, Vaux. HiFi Ampitheatre. Atlanta GA
6/29/06 Dillenger Escape Plan. The Masquerade. Atlanta GA
6/30/06 PsykNyne, Apsis. Soho's. Columbus GA
6/30/06 Skullkin, TBA. Factory In. Cookville TN
6/30/06 Daath, TBA. Eleven 27. Crossville TN
7/1/06 Autumn Morning, Facelock. Ziggys. Chattanooga TN
7/1/06 Music Hates You, Sick Sick Sick, The Skuds, Nervous Breakdown. Sector 7G. Augusta GA
7/1/06 Diverge, A Sin a Minute, Sciatica. Liberty Design. Huntsville AL
7/1/06 Daath, Omniscient, TBA. WKNC Chainsaw Metal Fest. Raleigh NC
7/2/06 Senior Citizen. Ziggys. Chattanooga TN
7/2/06 As Cities Burn, Maylene & the Sons of Disaster, Lorene Drive, Jonezetta. Rocketown. Nashville TN
7/2/06 Daath, Omniscient, Unhallowed Dissonance. Zakks. Murfreesboro NC
7/3/06 Goodnight Graceland, All Was Lost, TBA. JC Arena. Hanceville AL
7/3/06 Daath, Omniscient, TBA. Wilmington NC
7/4/06 Maylene & The Sons of Disaster, As Cities Burn, Lorene Drive, Jonezetta. The Complex. Memphis TN
7/7/06 Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Pitbull Daycare, Spyder Baby, Animal Filter. Club Masquerade. Atlanta GA
7/7/06 Daath, And We Danced, Her Lovely Army. Fairdale Cafe. Louisville KY
7/7/06 Solvi, Threefold Theory, Interdimensional. Corner Lounge. Knoxville TN
7/8/06 StrongTower, Awake the Suffering. Crossroad's Cafe. Maryville TN
7/8/06 Solvi, Threefold Theory. The Downtown. Morristown TN
7/8/06 BillyJacks OffRoad Garage, Southern Whiskey Rebellion, Polecat Boogie Revival. Ziggys. Chattanooga TN
7/8/06 Sciatica. The Blue Tomato. Byron GA
7/8/06 Daath, Ringworm, Lupara. The Dart Room. Fayetteville AK
7/8/06 Christine, Odesa, Southside Hellride, Boozer. St. Andrew's Pub. Louisville KY
7/9/06 Daath, TBA. The Rally Point. Memphis TN
7/10/06 Les Claypool. Variety Playhouse. Atlanta GA
7/11/06 Circa Survive, Days Away, The Recieving End of Sirens, You In Series. Exit/In. Nashville TN
7/13/06 Fromruin, Openblind, Forefallen. Ziggys. Chattanooga TN
7/14/06 Of Sound and Fury. TBA. Memphis TN
7/14/06 Daath, TBA. Cash's. Ft Walton Beach FL
7/15/06 Illicit Rite, Platonic Disease, Ateface. Ziggy's. Chatanooga TN
7/15/06 Sempiternal Truth. Swayze's. Marietta GA
7/15/06 Of Sound and Fury. TBA. Birmingham AL
7/15/06 PsykNyne, Hybrid-L, Downpour. Rivalry's. Macon GA
7/16/06 Of Sound and Fury. TBA. Marietta GA
7/18/06 Ministry, Revolting Cocks, Pitbull Daycare, Spyder Baby. Sloss Furnace. Birmingham AL
7/18/06 (hed)pe, Kottonmouth Kings, Subnoize Souljaz. Roxy Theatre. Atlanta GA
7/21/06 Illicit Rite. The Downtown. Little Rock AK
7/22/06 Vintage Stone, TBA. Head on the Door. Montgomery AL
7/22/06 Hoth. Ziggys. Chattanooga TN
7/22/06 Illicit Rite. The Dart Room. Fayetteville AK
7/22/06 Hearts Catch Fire, Straight Line Stitch. Electric Ballroom. Knoxville TN
7/23/06 Ozzfest. Ampitheater. Birmingham AL
7/25/06 Rancid. The Masquerade. Atlanta GA
7/27/06 Vintage Stone. 12th and Porter. Nashville TN
7/27/06 Hoth, Jefferson Plane Crash, This Is Why. Ziggys. Chattanooga TN
7/28/06 Apsis, Lisiya Gori, Judas Goat. Benchwarmer II. Huntsville AL
7/28/06 Riverside Rockfest. Civilian Park. Guntersville AL
7/29/06 Immersed In Blood, Exulcerate, Eternal Ruin, Platonic Disease, Bloodwake, Coathanger Abortion, Solidification. Ziggy's Underground. Chattanooga TN
7/29/06 Wicked Descendants, Wasted Mason, A Lower Deep, Year and a Day. Civilian Park. Guntersville, AL
7/30/06 Robinson, Signs of Colapse, Through the Massacre, Born As Ghosts, Frail Destruction. The CornerPocket. Fulton MS
7/30/06 Deftones, Dir En Grey, Flyleaf, Korn, Stone Sour. Hifi Ampitheatre. Atlanta GA
8/3/06 As Cities Burn, Maylene, Lorene Drive, Jonezetta. The Masquerade. Atlanta GA
8/5/06 Poison the Well, Shadows Fall, Still Remains, Suffocation. The Masquerade. Atlanta GA
8/5/06 Daath, Societys End, Season of the Wolf, The Blessed Virgin Larry, Thrash Attack, Payload. Bourbon Street. New Port Richey FL
8/6/06 Sciatica. TBA. Johnson City TN
8/7/06 Sciatica. TBA. Nashville TN
8/9/06 Hoth. Ziggys. Chattanooga TN
8/12/06 Christine, TBA. The Hideaway. Johnson City TN
8/19/06 Goodnight Graceland, Straight Line Stich, Lisiya Gori, Rhythm of War. Jc Arena. Hanceville AL
8/24/06 Solvi. TBA. Nashville TN
8/25/06 Solvi. TBA. Birmingham AL
8/25/06 Poison, Cinderella. HiFi Ampitheatre. Atlanta GA
8/26/06 Solvi. TBA. Montgomery AL
8/26/06 311. HiFi Ampitheatre. Atlanta GA
8/29/06 Queensryche. Tabernacle. Atlanta GA
9/2/06 Frail Nursery, Apathetic Discharge, Sons of God, The Prometheans, Forefallen, More. Colby Fest. Bremen GA
9/15/06 Everygrey, Freak Kitchen, Mercenary, Pyramaze, Savage Circus "ProgPower". Earthlink Live. Atlanta GA
9/16/06 Epica, John Lande, Vision Divine, Wastefall "ProgPower". Earthlink Live. Atlanta GA
9/16/06 Horrorpops, Reverand Horton Heat. Roxy Theatre. Atlanta GA
9/23/06 Built to Spill. Young Avenue Deli. Memphis TN
9/24/06 Built to Spill. City Hall. Nashville TN
9/30/06 Site of Suffering, Bloodwake. Ziggys. Chattanooga TN
9/30/06 Vintage Stone, TBA. SoHo's. Columbus GA
10/13/06 Built to Spill. Variety Playhouse. Atlanta GA
10/15/06 Built to Spill. Zydeco. Birmingham AL
10/27/06 Celtic Frost. Club Masquerade. Atlanta GA
10/28/06 Lust of Decay, Hoth, Converge From Within, Coathanger Abortion, Bloodwake. Ziggys. Chattanooga TN
11/11/06 Illicit Rite. Ziggy's. Chattanooga TN

Location: Huntsville, Alabama, United States
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